3 Ways to Find Extra Support and Motivation for Your Fitness Goals

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Blog, Fitness

We can all us a bit of help working toward our fitness goals.

We can all us a bit of help working toward our fitness goals.

Whether you haven’t found your workout groove after a PCS or two or you’ve recently trained for a marathon, the fact is, we can all use a bit of help working toward our latest and greatest fitness goals. Individual willpower and commitment are definitely the first step to making progress, but outer accountability is another key to success. There are those moments when you need something as simple as a subtle correction in form, and there are the moments when you feel like giving up and need a great big boost past your mental block. Wherever you are in your journey, here are a few ways you can get the support and motivation you need to forge ahead.

Work with a Coach

There are all kinds of options for coaches out there depending on your budget. You can even find wellness professionals from the InDependent community here.  Coaches range from one-on-one personal trainers to professional fitness coaches instructing you through an app like Gixo. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to see the huge benefits of having a coach work with you. First of all, they use their expertise to plan workouts that are as effective and efficient as possible. You just do your best while focusing on one exercise at a time. And, when you feel like maybe you can’t go on, the coach is there to build your mental game and keep you motivated for one…last…rep. Coaches keep you accountable, entertained, educated, and on track as you get stronger and stronger.

 Join a Community

 Did you know that having a community to work out with is one of the biggest indicators of success when it comes to fitness goals? Perhaps you would enjoy getting out and making friends at the fitness facility on your military installation, or going to the same fitness class each week to bond with the regulars. Or, if getting to the gym consistently isn’t feasible or interesting, you could find just as much success with online accountability groups. Whether you’re a slow runner, a hiker, or a Gixo member, there are Facebook groups you can join to get motivating and honest support. It’s important to be reminded that other people are out there working toward similar goals, cheering you on, and supporting you in your quest for a healthier lifestyle.

 Track and Celebrate Your Progress 

 While honoring yourself at the end of each workout is a great idea, sometimes it’s hard to know if the grind is worth the effort. Little reminders can be a big motivation. Grab a notebook and write down each workout you accomplish on a daily basis, from walking the dog to playing with the kids at the park to completing a fitness class. Each time you move, record it. There are benefits to writing by hand, if you can. In your notebook, you can also keep track of relevant stats. It doesn’t have to be a body weight goal you’re tracking. Maybe it’s the speed at which you run, the length of the workout you complete, or the number of pushups you crush each day. Seeing improvement over time is a fantastic motivator to keep moving! Celebrating your successes is important too. Put a star on your calendar each day you complete a workout, and after a certain number reward yourself with a decadent bubble bath or an extra show come TV time. You deserve it!

Different combinations of these motivational approaches may work for you at various times during your fitness journey. Experiment and see which ideas feel the best to you and drive you toward the best results. No matter what, remember to have fun along the way and celebrate your successes!

3 Ways to Find Extra Support and Motivation for Your Fitness Goals

3 Ways to Find Extra Support and Motivation for Your Fitness Goals


Alexis Craig is a health and fitness expert from Gixo. She is consistently featured on “San Francisco’s Best Trainer” lists. With more than a decade of experience building strength and endurance, her work has benefited everyone from teens with cerebral palsy to former Navy Seals. She believes in making fitness fun, and enjoying every step.  


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