Home Organization Checklist: Master Closet

by | May 13, 2014 | Articles, Stress Relief

Full-disclosure:  In prepping for our upcoming PCS, I’m having a really hard time purging my closet this time around.  Usually, I go through my organization process before I write something like this, but this time around, I’m writing before I’m all done.  Perhaps I can motivate myself!

In my current house that was built well over a hundred years ago, each of the bedroom closets has one shortish rod.  I use two closets, a cedar chest, a chest of drawers, and a dresser.  My husband uses two closets, plus an additional closet that just has shelves.  We also have a coat closet stuffed to the brim, yes with coats and jackets. All of this space dedicated to storing our clothes shows me that we’ve fallen prey to the more, more, more mentality. 

But, as military families, our lifestyle demands that we have things like ball gowns and various uniforms that ordinary people may not have.  We also need clothes and outerwear for different climates and it’s hard to get rid of anything because we don’t know where we’ll get stationed next.  Sometimes I think I might like to try to pare down to the 40 hanger closet championed by minimalists, but then I get freaked out because I might NEED something someday.  Forty items is must about right for the closets in my old home.  Just for fun, when I’m moving into my next house, I might choose 40 things and see what that wardrobe would look like.

Purging can also be difficult because clothes hold sentimental value or the hopes we might have for ourselves.  But, purging is just part of the process.  The following steps can help you organize your wardrobe so you can see what you have and feel great in what you own.  Fitting everything onto one short rod?  Now, that’s up to you!

Master Closet: checklist

Master Closet: checklist

What are your favorite tips for managing your wardrobe? Would you ever be able to get it down to 40 hangers?

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