How to Maintain Healthy Living Momentum During Vacation

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Articles, Fitness, Nutrition, Travel

As the crowd was celebrating, cheering, and drinking champagne on New Year’s Eve, you made a firm, private declaration that this year you were finally going to make a change and take control of your health and fitness. “Sure,” an inner voice whispered. “Didn’t you say the same thing last year….and the year before that?” But you knew this time was going to be different, because you were determined to take action. This was going to be your year to become F.A.T. (FitActiveToned) regardless of PCSes, deployments, volunteer duties, pregnancies, new jobs, or anything else military life was going to throw at you.

You hit the ground running, spent the last six months eating healthfully, diligently completing your workouts, and staying focused.

Summer is finally here…you look good, you feel great, and you are ready to take some well-deserved time off. This summer, you want to do things differently. After being on a healthy kick for the last few months, you want to relax and have fun, but you also want to feel healthy, fit, and energetic. Using the Vacation Cheat Sheet below as a guide, you can apply simple tricks before, during, and after your vacation while still having fun and splurging a little so that when you return from your vacation you will be ready to get back on track.

How to maintain healthy momentum during vacation

How to maintain healthy momentum during vacation

Stocking up on healthy grab-and-go snacks such as Date Bliss Balls, Flourless Peanut Butter Banana Muffins, roasted chickpeas, almonds, chopped vegetables, and fresh fruit will prevent overindulging at every meal. Vacation is a great opportunity to explore and try fun new physical activities that you ordinarily don’t get a chance to attempt. Research and sign up for local activities such as hiking, biking, local “Amazing Race” competitions, as well as walking and cycling tours. As far as your workouts, you may have to modify your routines during your vacation, but you can still incorporate a quick hotel room or beach workout. Need ideas? Try Five Core Crushers for Bikini Ready Abs, Exercise On-the-Go: Road Gym + 2 Workouts, or 29 No-Gym Strength-Building Exercises.

The goal during your vacation is not necessarily to lose weight but to maintain balanced, healthy momentum while still having fun and splurging a little. When you return you will feel reinvigorated, energetic, well rested, and ready to conquer the rest of your fitness journey so that on December 31 this year at 11:59 pm, when the crowd celebrates and drinks champagne, you will look back at this year and proudly say, “I did it!”

Have a great vacation!

What are your favorite strategies to stay on track with your nutrition and fitness goals while on vacation?

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