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As if finding time for a workout isn’t challenging enough, you have kids. Kids who don’t care about your exercise schedule, but do care about being entertained. And supervised. Well, you care about that part. Childcare is not only expensive, it’s time consuming to set up—especially if your schedule changes from day to day. Word on the street is that it’s harder than ever to get hourly care on military installations, and fitness center classes are hit or miss as to whether they allow children in the room during group fitness classes. Well, here’s some good news for you. You can fit in great workouts, even with your kids in tow.

#1- Work Out at Home with Gixo

Your smartphone can be more than a time suck. It’s your friend in the case of Gixo. This app offers live, professionally coached group classes of all kinds, ranging in time from five to forty minutes. You don’t have to leave your house, and your kids can even join in. Not only do you grab a workout filled with trainer support and encouragement, you set a great example for your kids that health is a priority.


#2- Go to the Playground

No, you don’t have to climb to the top of the slide, but while your kid is, find a way to get your body moving. Start with squats. Add in some bench pushups. Do some toe taps on the steps. Run laps around the play area, adding in some side shuffles and high knees as you go. All of you will head home tired . . . in the best possible way.


#3- Exercise During their Practices/Class

If you find yourself on the kid shuffle circuit, driving from activity to activity, make the most of that time. Instead of going home while the kids are at sports practice, dance class, or piano lessons, throw in a quick workout. You can use a fitness app like Gixo (mentioned above) to guide you, or simply take a brisk walk while you wait for pickup time. 


#4- Turn Your Kids into Trainers

It turns out, exercise can be fun for the whole family. What kid wouldn’t love to boss a parent around? Have the kids time you as you do thirty seconds of pushups, situps, and squats. Then include them in some friendly competition. How long can you each hold a plank? Who can run to the end of the driveway and back the fastest? The truth is, no matter who comes in first, you all end up with a win on the day.


Don’t let childcare, or lack of it, be the reason you push your health to the side. Get creative and you might find these approaches are even more fun than a typical workout, while being equally effective. Just get moving.


Alexis Craig is a health and fitness expert from Gixo. She is consistently featured on “San Francisco’s Best Trainer” lists. With more than a decade of experience building strength and endurance, her work has benefited everyone from teens with cerebral palsy to former Navy Seals. She believes in making fitness fun, and enjoying every step.  





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