Home Organization Checklist: Office


Before I was married, I had a meticulously organized office that mirrored my office at the accounting firm where I worked. I kept every receipt and tracked every penny spent. If something broke, I could find the receipt to make a return within minutes. Everything was contained in or around my desk area. 

But then there were two of us, and I’m not sure what was more upsetting, his pile of unpaired Army socks in a rainbow of different shades of green or his mountain of unfiled papers. I kind of just gave up. Too many years later, I’m looking to pull together a system that’s functional and visually pleasing. Here’s my process:


This checklist just scratches the surface, particularly for managing paper.  Just Organize Your Stuff has many more ideas if you’re having trouble getting started.

If you have a dedicated room for your office, A Bowl Full of Lemons has a beautiful setup and lots of photos to inspire you.

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