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It seems like in spite of technology’s promise to make life simpler, we somehow find ourselves busier than ever these days. Of course our smartphones can serve as a rabbit hole, causing us to waste time. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes your phone can be your friend. Like in the case of these five time-saving apps.

  1. Waze

    This app isn’t simply about getting directions, it’s about knowing the traffic conditions. From accident reports to police locators, this app reacts in real time and provides you with time-saving routes. The bonus? You can have more fun in traffic by switching the voice to playful characters like Cookie Monster or Colonel Sanders.

  2. Gixo

    Driving to and from the gym can take just as long as a workout. But in the case of Gixo, you can have a real, live trainer wherever, whenever. This app offers professionally coached group classes ranging from 5-60 minutes. And the monthly fee is cheaper than a single boutique workout class.

  3. Focus Keeper

    Distraction is a key player in our belief that we’re so busy. But how much time are we wasting going down internet rabbit holes or answering texts as they come in? This virtual “tomato timer” measures intervals of 25 minutes for you, helping you focus your attention on a single project without allowing any distractions to get in your way.

  4. Shipt

    Need to run to the grocery store? Or forgot there were a few must-haves you didn’t pick up at Target this week? Let Shipt take care of your busy work errands and use that time to do something more valuable to you (like that 15 minute workout!).

  5. Headspace

    A scattered mind tends to lead to a scattered, inefficient or frustrating day. This meditation app offers guided visualizations to help you fall asleep quickly, calm down, gain confidence, and improve focus. All of these pros add up to a whole lot of time and energy saved.


Alexis Craig is a health and fitness expert from Gixo. She is consistently featured on “San Francisco’s Best Trainer” lists. With more than a decade of experience building strength and endurance, her work has benefited everyone from teens with cerebral palsy to former Navy Seals. She believes in making fitness fun, and enjoying every step.


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