Three Strategies to Drink More WaterYou’re a tall drink of water is just another way to say someone’s hot.  But what if the literal glass of water isn’t nearly as attractive?

We all know we need to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day.  Getting that much down is second nature to some people and seemingly impossible for others.  For me, it takes a conscious effort.  It’s something I do because I know it’s good for me, not because I like it.

Here are three things that I have used that can help you get that water down:

  1. Find tasty flavored water.  An article in Aqueduct Magazine describes flavor as “taste, smell, and tactile sensation.”  The same article mentions that “water is as unique as fingerprints.”  When we were stationed in Germany, we had a ton of water options.  It was inexpensive to go to the drink market and pick up a variety of waters packed in returnable glass bottles.  Not the case back here in the States, but I’ve found that my tap water tastes great with a filter that I picked up from the commissary.  Experiment until you find something you like.  Add scrubbed lemon wedges or cucumbers to enhance the experience.
  2. Drink water first.  Drink water as soon as you wake up to start your day off right.  Maybe drink it warm with lemon juice.  Make water the first thing you reach for when you want something to drink.  I love tea.  I could sip it all day long.  It counts toward my tally for the day, but sipping a warm drink doesn’t get me the quantity I need.  Your first beverage of choice might be something else, but nothing beats calorie-free water as a perfect hydrator.
  3. Remind yourself.  As you’re creating a new habit, you might need a reminder to drink water.  I recently got a Fitbit that helps me track water consumption, among other things.  The bracelet on my wrist reminds me to keep up with my health responsibilities.  But, you don’t need an expensive gadget to help you remember.  You could wear a hair band around your wrist or set a timer throughout the day to help you remember to put away a glass of water.

Bottoms up!

How do you make sure you get enough water?  I’d appreciate the tips and encouragement!