Are you looking to share your story or advice with our community of military spouses? We'd love to have you!

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure that your submission is a perfect fit for our blog.

Submission Requirements: 

Please submit the following. 

  • Text (Keep blog post short, between 500-800 words.) 
  • Header photo to illustrate your text, if possible (See photo tips
  • Short bio including links to your websites and social media 
  • Mailing address 

Writing Tips: 

  • Write in your own voice, as if having a conversation with a friend. 
  • Please use active voice in your writing. Examples:
    • Active voice: Elaine changed the flat tire. 
    • Passive voice: The flat tire was changed by Elaine. 
  • Cite facts and support your opinion(s) with stats or studies linked to scientific papers, academic journals, and/or credible news outlets. 
  • Unless writing a sponsored post, keep references and links to specific brands in your bio. 
  • Connect with the audience and inspire a positive reaction by sharing a personal story about a transformation, struggle, and/or victory. 
  • Connect content directly to the military spouse community.

Still have questions about content? Contact our editor-in-chief Kimberly.

General Photography Tips:

  • Photos must be 1,000 pixels or larger in width. 
  • The header photo will be the most visual image accompanying your blog post. All photos submitted should be landscape-oriented (wider rather than taller).

Here are some tips to ensure you will have an attention-getting image:

  • Take your photo using natural sunlight. Artificial light can cast hard shadows on your subject.

  • Allow “breathing” space around your subject. Most images require cropping to allow for publishing on different types of media. Taking photos from further away allows for this without risk of having to crop out an essential part of your image (such as someone's feet or head). 

    • Use the graphics below as a guide: 

      • Cropping for ”header image” (keep subject inside red box): 

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 6.17.22 PM.png
  • Please submit photos without watermarks. Photos published on become the property of InDependent and PHFE, bearing only InDependent’s watermark. We give credit to the photographer under the header photo. 

Still have questions about images? Contact our editor-in-chief Kimberly

Food Photography Tips: 

  • Use indirect, natural light -- outdoors in the morning or evening, or in front of a bright window. Most kitchens offer poor lighting. 
  • Use a simple background and add interest with linens, ingredients, dishes, and other props with different textures and colors. 
  • Stand back from your dish a bit, so you’re not zoomed in too close. You should typically be able to see something besides food in the shot. 
  • Overfill your dishes for a sense of abundance. 
  • Take photos directly above or directly in front of your dishes.
  • If you’re comfortable with your camera’s manual settings, changing the white balance can create stunning results. 
  • A macro lens hones in on details beautifully. 

Cell phone cameras:

  • for specifics on taking high quality photos with your cell phone camera, read more here.

Have you read the above and are ready to submit?