Four Stretches to Fix the Pain in Your Neck


Four Stretches to Fix the Pain in Your NeckNothing puts a damper on your day like having a stiff or sore neck, sometimes to the point where you can’t look over your shoulder to drive or you have to go to bed with an excruciating tension headache.

Something as innocent as cradling a phone or sleeping the wrong way can cause neck pain, or you might have a more serious issue like a sports injury or whiplash. The neck isn’t something to mess around with, so if you suspect something serious please see your medical professional. But, if you need to work out some kinks or relieve tension caused by stress, this five-minute video can help.

Some of the stretches come from my yoga practice, and some come from time spent with a physical therapist after I received a bad whiplash in a high-speed Autobahn collision. The movements come together in a nice routine that you can do on the yoga mat, in the shower, or at your desk.

Do you have a favorite stretch to ease neck pain?


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