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Bikram yoga teacher Bridget Hall shares a fifty-minute Bikram flow class. This is a challenging, full-integration of the body class, combining elements of Vinyasa flow and Bikram yoga

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Bridget Hall is a military spouse, mom of three, and yoga and running lover. She is a Bikram Yoga Teacher from Spring 2011 TT in Los Angeles and a 500-hour Power Vinyasa Flow Teacher with Rolf Gates. She recently started her own online yoga business called “Light Your Fire Yoga.” Yoga is the foundation for everything she does day-to-day. Not only does it help with the physical body, staying healthy, continuing to run, and staying active with her kids, it also helps with her overall mindset and mental and emotional well-being. Bridget believes that when you do a Hatha yoga class and peel away all the external distractions you can really connect with your true self, learn to love yourself, and share with the world. Yoga will truly “light your fire” for whatever it is you want to do.