How to Improve Your Well-Being with Regular Check-Ins

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Tuning in to yourself on a daily basis means you are living consciously.

Tuning in to yourself on a daily basis means you are living consciously.

When was the last time you checked in with yourself? Can you remember a time when you disconnected from the outside world and truly tuned in? The demands placed on military spouses as well as the high expectations we impose on ourselves affects our sense of well-being. With so many distractions and a long list of to-dos, your wellness may be the last thing on your mind.  

However, we all need to develop the ability to notice and acknowledge our current state of wellness. Growing awareness is taking a step toward realizing the existing gap between who we are today and who we aspire to become. Research has shown that 53 percent of our health and well-being is within our control. Checking in will help you identify and focus on the part of your well-being that needs attention.

Build a Habit to Check In Daily

I love looking at every day as a fresh start. Each fresh start is an opportunity to grow.  Tuning in to yourself on a daily basis means you are living consciously. You are aware of all your choices and have the power to decide whether or not to act on them. Instead of being on auto-pilot, reacting to the environment you’re in, you exercise your ability to have control over the choices you make every day.  

The process of tuning in daily may seem overwhelming at first, but you can break it down to something more attainable. Perhaps start with a weekly check-in. As you plan for the week, block a time on your calendar and write-in “Self-Reflection.” 

To tune in, I invite you to find an area where you will be the least distracted. What works best for me is to engage in a mindfulness exercise in which I clear my thoughts and notice the flow of my breath to stay in the present moment. This prepares my mind to focus inwardly as I ask myself reflective questions.

Self-Reflection Questions

While I went through a coaching psychology course, I learned many open-ended questions to ask myself, and eventually my clients, to increase the awareness about my level of well-being. Here are some that may help you with the process of tuning in:

·      What part of your life is most important to you? How does well-being fit into that?

·      What would you like more of in your life? How is that linked to your well-being?

·       What fills your cup and gives you energy? What drains your energy?

·      What are you most satisfied about in your life?

·      For what are you most grateful?

·      When is your stress the lowest?

Online Well-Being Assessment

 Another way to engage in self-reflection is through an assessment. A well-being assessment is designed to increase your self-awareness about your priorities, your needs, and your values. It brings attention to the areas where you’re ready to make changes.  

Below is a quick 15-question assessment adapted from Wellcoaches to find out your state of well-being. As you take the quiz, note the areas where you scored high and celebrate those wins. Reflect on what made success possible in those specific areas.  Highlight your strengths, your values, and the support you received. 

Then take a look at the areas where you scored lowest. With self-compassion and acceptance, reflect on these areas with the belief that you have the potential to improve. Ask yourself, “Am I ready, willing, and able to make changes?” then determine how you can use your strengths that have made you previously successful to help you elevate your well-being.

Take the quiz here

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Elaine Dusetzina

Elaine Dusetzina

 Elaine Dusetzina is a proud mom of two girls, a Navy Veteran, and a retired Navy spouse. She is the founder of Evoke Strong, LLC whose mission is to provide a compassionate approach to helping women, who are selfless giving and purpose driven, shift their mindsets so their inner motivation and strengths are awakened to prioritize their wellness and make lasting lifestyle changes. Besides running a business and being a mom, Elaine is an avid runner who has completed numerous long-distance races and an aspiring yogi. She would be completely content with curling up with books about personal growth and eating dark chocolate.


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