You just got orders for your next duty station: Europe.

You are most likely in one of two camps.  

  1. You can’t wait to pack your bags, see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and drink a Guinness in Dublin.
  2. You are wondering how you are going to fare so far from the comfort and conveniences of home, family, and friends.

No matter which side of the pond you are sitting on, one thing is true: your attitude and outlook over the next several years is going to make all the difference in what life has to offer you while stationed in Europe. This is exactly why “So You Got Stationed Overseas: Why you NEED to make TRAVEL a part of your short PCS abroad” is just the resource for you.

For many spouses that are getting stationed in Europe, they know the value of what travel can offer them. However, with your spouses’ bad work schedules and children’s school calendar, you aren’t sure if you are up for the challenge alone. Well, let me tell you, YOU ARE!

Of course you’d love to have that romantic weekend with your hubby in Paris and you know he would totally geek out being able to walk on the Normandy beaches, but just because he can’t always travel doesn’t mean you should stay locked inside either. This doesn’t mean you should just ditch your spouse all the time, but it is clear that the women who take charge of their own time abroad end up loving it.

Here are three tips to help you be an independent, traveling spouse while stationed OCONUS:

Have a REAL Talk with Your Spouse

If it looks like trainings and work schedules are going to be tying up a lot of your spouse’s time, make a list of places with him or her of where s/he DEFINITELY wants to go and places that s/he doesn’t mind you visiting without him or her. That way, you can still travel and explore without the guilt that you are doing it without your significant other.

Start Local

If you are nervous about traveling without your spouse, that is completely normal. Start out local by going to a nearby town just for a few hours or the day. Dipping your toes slowly into the local culture and surrounding areas will help you build the confidence you need to step further outside of your comfort zone and further away from your front door step in the future.

Make Like-Minded Friends

Ask around your local Facebook pages for people that have similar interests as you. If you have children, see if there are any other parents that want to get out for the day together.  If you like to hike, see if there is anyone else who wants to lace up their boots for a day of adventure. 

Having friends that want to get out and explore is going to help give you a support system that can make travel dreams into a reality. InDependent Communities are a great place to start looking for like-minded adventurers.

The bottom line is don’t be THAT spouse. You know the one…  

Don’t be the person that complains constantly about stores not being open 24 hours, the person who claims that foreigners are rude, and the individual who is too nervous about driving down the Autobahn with no speed limit.  You can make the CHOICE to be independent, to be happy, and to have some of the most amazing years and experiences of your life during your time at this duty station.

For more tips, tricks, and actionable advice specifically for our military community on how to travel while stationed in Europe, you need to read, “So You Got Stationed Overseas: Why you NEED to make TRAVEL a part of your short PCS abroad” 

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