Strike a Pose During Your Travels

by | May 13, 2014 | Blog


Strike a pose during your travelsBefore leaving Germany, I was able to spend a beautiful Saturday hiking through the hills near Bamberg with several of our friends. Kimberly and her husband organized the event and I was so excited to be a part of it.

One of my favorite moments while roaming those beautiful hills was being egged on by Kimberly to do a few yoga poses.

As you will learn Kimberly, is an amazing yoga teacher and she loves to travel. During Kimberly’s travels, she often posts the most amazing photos of her striking a yoga pose in the most interesting places. After seeing these photos a few times, I secretly wanted to try and do the same thing.

During our hike, Kimberly found a perfect spot to strike a pose and wanted me to take a photo. Of course Kimberly executed the pose perfectly and then encouraged me to do the same.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited, but a little nervous too. After a few attempts, I finally got it and Kimberly quickly snapped the photo before I came crashing down.

We also got a chance to pose with each other while in the side crow position. It was so much fun, mainly because I had never done anything like it before. I loved knowing that Kimberly was there to help me get into the pose.

During my recent traveling adventure through Europe, I wanted to do the same thing we did on our hike and incorporate yoga. I found a few interesting places along the way where I thought I could channel my inner Kimberly and strike a yoga pose.

After one major collapse that ended with me getting a pretty good bruise on my back (Note: Don’t do yoga poses on a soft mattress, even if the painting on the wall behind the bed is really cool) I found a perfect place to work on my handstand.

Right outside our hotel in Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina, there was an abandoned building left in ruins after the war. I fell more in love with the building every time I walked past it. So, I decided that I would strike my pose in one of the building’s doorways near the street.

Like before, it took me a little while to get into the handstand, but I was finally able to get up and have my husband stop laughing at me long enough to get the photo.

I also had a chance to travel to the Plitvice Lakes National Park. This place was so amazing and beautiful. While walking along the boardwalks and paths throughout the park I knew I wanted to see if I could strike another pose.

Not trusting my body enough to go for a handstand without something to put my feet against, I decided to strike a crow and a side crow pose.

Although the pictures may not show it, I was terrified of ending up face first into these beautiful lakes where it is forbidden to swim in the clear blue waters. So, with a brief moment to myself on the busy boardwalks I quickly got into my poses and got the photos I wanted.

Looking back on my travels, these photos to me are the most entertaining, not because of my awkwardness, but mainly because of the stories behind the photos. Before getting into the pose I often struggled, allowing a good laugh between my husband and me.

I also enjoyed the challenge to push myself to be comfortable enough to do a yoga pose in public. It was a way for me to incorporate a physical activity into my travels since I usually forget about that during my vacations. I am excited about getting to do more of these physical activities even while traveling.

Show off your travel yoga poses on Instagram at #IDstrikeapose.

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