Book Review: Skintervention GuideRemember the old saying, you are what you eat. When did we stop believing this? Probably around the same time miracle pills became the easy replacement for whole foods, natural light, and beauty rest.

What if, instead of pills, modern doctors prescribed a six-ounce steak, 15 minutes in the sun, and eight hours of sleep?

This type of prescription may be far-fetched for some, but for Liz Wolfe, a certified nutritional therapy practitioner (NTP™), its a reality. Wolfes motto is real frickinfood, which is the conclusion she reached via her own personal journey to health.

“I dealt with acne, eczema, and body image issues; yet, in my quest for the perfect concealer and the lowest-calorie granola bar, I never considered that my REAL problem was I had no idea what it took to be healthy in the first place”, says Wolfe. “The dieting left me with blood sugar issues and an obsession with counting calories, and skin medications may have worked temporarily, but they didnt tackle the root of the problem. I wanted healing, not a temporary solution!”

Eventually, Wolfe found a formula that worked for her, one that didnt include harsh chemicals or excessive antibiotics. In return, she witnessed a remarkable transformation. Inspired, she started a blog called CaveGirlEats (now RealFoodLiz.com) and wrote a resource guide called the Skintervention Guide. Since then she has helped countless people heal their skin, nails, and hair through her natural approach.

A work in progress, Im proof that Wolfes advice works. For eighteen years, doctors advised me that food was not connected to acne. So why at age 30 am I still battling breakouts that topical gels and antibiotics cant resolve?

January 2014 marked our second PCS in eight months (German spring, Georgia summer, and Kansas winter). In February we bought our first home, I started a new job, and my husband left for a 90-day assignment overseas. The stress overcame me and I broke. My hormones felt out of control and my health spiraled downward…quickly. I lost excessive weight, stopped menstruating, and developed a severe case of acne.

Embarrassed beyond belief, I obsessively went on a mission to figure out what was wrong with me. I cut out gluten in an attempt to heal my skin and replaced it with food like corn. This only inflamed the problem more and caused it to get worse. Food elimination, expensive facials, topical creams, and designer products offered no relief.

One day my friend Leslie turned me to the Balanced Bites podcast, co-hosted by Wolfe, a military spouse. Within one episode, I was hooked. The issues addressed by the two ladies on the other end were the exact symptoms I had battled for months. After several episodes, I finally decided to purchase WolfeSkintervention Guide as a last ditch effort before begging the doctor for another dreaded prescription.

Three weeks have passed and Im already seeing long-awaited results. Through Wolfes advice I have:

  • Swapped out morning cereal for sweet potatoes, avocado, and bacon.

  • Replaced hard to digest foods with super foods— nutrients I would have never dreamed to try on my own.

  • Exchanged intensive runs and interval training for long dog walks, light weights, and yoga.

  • Adopted sleep and meditation as a way to beat stress and anxiety.

I finally started seeing results from skin problems once I invested in a good toner and clay mask.

All of this was advice I knew, but Wolfe uses her guide to explain the science behind these suggestions. In addition, she offers recommendations for homemade remedies and/or trusted brands for food and beauty products. It is, however, important to note that Wolfe’s Skintervention Guide is a resource guide, not a three-step formula that promises overnight success. It is NOT a one-size-fits-all approach.

Last week, I went to a doctor on post and was able to confidently express my symptoms, share my concerns, and offer an educated hypothesis. He agreed and together we are now working on a plan that is right for me. I left his office with a referral to see a nutritionist, not a prescription for a pharmacist. This was a historical first for me and certainly worthy of a celebration.

The best part about the guide is Liz’s food and beauty recommendations (prices range based on your need). Check out this podcast that explains the importance of natural skin care. I finally started seeing results once I invested in a good toner and clay mask. Both are safe for those who are pregnant or trying to conceive.

By modern day standards, the Skintervention Guide did not “heal” me. I still have breakouts and deep rooted scars. But I can say with confidence that my skin is on the road to recovery, and I now have a trusty resource to help along the way. Wolfes advice absolutely required a shift in lifestyle. But for me, it was clear that if I didnt make a change…well then, nothing was going to change.

Do skin issues have you feeling frustrated and stumped? What have you tried to resolve your issues?