Conquer a Military Move with Refurbished Furniture

by | May 24, 2014 | Blog


Conquer a Military Move with Refurbished FurnitureAs a military spouse, I know that moving is a part of the deal. For the immediate future, I know that I may never live in the home of my dreams. But, that doesn’t mean that I can’t make a few adjustments to tailor my house to my needs. You may be asking yourself, is she one of those military spouses who paints, wallpapers, or builds things in a rental? No, I am not. However, I am all about making things work the way I need them to so that they will function better in my mobile lifestyle.

For instance, in the past few places that I have lived, I have needed more counter space in my kitchen. After a little digging on Pinterest, I came across an interesting project that would 1) Challenge me 2) Create the extra counter space I needed 3) I would be able to take it with me 4) I wouldn’t care if it gets scratched during our next military move.

I decided that I would get a dresser and turn it into extra counter space AND the much needed storage space in my tiny, outdated kitchen. I wanted to have the project done in just a few weeks, but after a few months I finally completed it. Admitting that I couldn’t control the timeline for the project was a little difficult, but the exercise in patience almost became therapeutic to me after awhile.

Recently, anytime I felt overwhelmed or frustrated about not maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I would go out to the garage and work on the dresser. Seeing something slowly transform from a dirty old dresser into something functional was wonderful.

After working on this project, I have now realized that I can have the same mindset about my health goals. I know that if I work hard enough, I can transform my flabby old self into a highly functioning person ready to take on whatever is necessary to get the job done.

Have you started a project recently? How has that made you feel?

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