Parenting and Military Life

According to the DoD, in 2020 there were about 1.3 million active-duty personnel, and 36% of them have children.

Military life constantly presents them with change – new homes, new friends, and new experiences. Did they recently move across the country or the world? Are they starting in a completely new school? Is one of their parents currently deployed and missing important events? Maybe they are too young for school, but they still experience transitions and change.

And it isn’t just the children dealing with all these changes throughout military life – their parents are too! As military spouses, you are usually the one in charge of the day-to-day aspect of parenting while your service member is serving. Military life adds an extra layer of everything to parenting and can make it even easier to lose yourself in the process.

Besides your children, and even if you do not have children, we all have parents, in-laws, and extended family who are a part of the equation. Parenting affects us all!

We hope you find tips and resources inside this book to help you on your parenting journey!