One Healthy Activity a Day

by | Jan 12, 2014 | Blog


One Healthy Activity a DayLife is hard enough as it is and throwing in a curve ball, like completely changing your eating and workout habits, can be difficult.

For me, living a healthy lifestyle has been difficult. So, to battle the difficulties, I tell myself to take baby steps. Eventually I know that I will get the hang of this healthy living business, but for now I am just going to try to do one healthy activity a day.

Here are some simple things that I like to do to keep healthy.

  • Stretch for 5 minutes during the work day. I usually do this in the afternoon when I am getting a little sleepy. It helps clear my mind and gets me through the afternoon.
  • Take lunch instead of going out for lunch. I used to go to a convenience store and buy a small package of cookies and a soda for lunch. Then I realized that if I packed my lunch I was full for a longer period of time and that I had more energy throughout the day.
  • Take a cup to work and drink more water. Water is my go-to for anything that ails you, just ask my husband. I try to drink as much water as possible to make sure I stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Stand up and move more. Moving more means that I am sitting less. Logical right? So when possible I try to walk around the office or the house. It helps when I have my cup and need to fill it with water.
  • Play time isn’t just for kids. Although I don’t have kids, I try to make time for my 13-year-old lab named Maggie. Playing with Maggie means that I am going outside and moving, not sitting on the couch watching TV.

Feel free to try one of the above ideas or tell me about your healthy activities in the comments below. 

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