How to Dress for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball

by | Nov 2, 2014 | Blog


How to Dress for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball - First ball? In the dark about what to even be looking for? Has your Marine responded with something like “short and sexy”? Let's set the record straight about how to dress to impress.Weekends full of celebrations, family get togethers, and potlucks start right about now.And if youre in cohabitation with a big bad devil dog, it also means the frantic run around preparing for the annual Marine Corps ball. Let the panic commence!

First ball? In the dark about what to even be looking for? Has your Marine responded with something like short and sexy? Well, he might not be totally right. While of course you want to feel your best, its not in your greatest interest to listen to someone whos been out in the field for weeks and hasnt seen unshaven legs since your beach vacation, three months ago. You cant go wrong with a floor length gown or even a knee length dress, but above the knee? You may be pushing it. Plus, you can get away with not shaving for another night.

So youve got the length in mind but what about up top? This is where we have a little bit more wiggle room (unless you plan on wearing full-body Spanx, which by the way, most of us are). Sleeveless is totally acceptable, as well as one shoulder, cap sleeve, and halter. One last thing, cleavage is fine but risking a slip if you exhale? Save it for New Years Eve.

Footwear is pretty imperative considering there is a lot of mingling and walking around involved. Can you run a marathon in heels? You go girl. But if you dont feel confident in your shaky ankles, pack a pair of flats just in case. Dr. Scholl’s even makes packable pairs that fit perfectly into any clutch. If youre in a floor length dress, no one will even know. Other items you want to make sure youre taking inside is your ID, a few dollars cash, and a spare hotel room key (if youre deciding to stay over).

The most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident in whatever dress you choose but also paying respect to the event that youre attending. Keep the drinking to a minimum and if you both decide to drink, get a room (check with the hotel for a group discount). You are a reflection of not only your Marine and the Corps but most importantly of yourself. Remember. Its an honor to attend one of the baddest birthdays of the year, even if you are in Spanx.

What makes you feel most confident at a special event?

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