Four Ways to Make Your Resolutions Stick

by | Dec 31, 2014 | Blog


It’s the time of year that everyone believes they are going to make big changes. New Year’s resolutions are upon us. Everyone is having that supposed last cupcake before clogging up the gyms and filling their fridges with green vegetables. As good as our intentions always are, it seems that no one can make that resolution last more than a few weeks before old habits creep back in. What is it about the rollover of a calendar that makes us think that this time it will be different? Beats me, but our desire to improve ourselves is something to be admired.

So, if you’re joining the “New Year, New Me” party, here are some tips that may help you outlast the mid-February blues and make this the year you succeed.

  1. Set realistic and specific goals. Many of us like to think that if we just set our mind to it we can make something happen. But really, we kid ourselves. The things we may want may not be as important as we think they are, or we may not have clear enough intentions to be successful. This year, ask yourself if your resolution is something that you are really ready to do. If it is, set specific steps to get there. Instead of “I’m going to exercise more,” make it, “I’m going to exercise three times per week.” See the difference?
  2. Find a resolution battle buddy. Many of us have similar goals for next year. Talk to friends and find someone that you can take the plunge with. It is much easier to go through with a friend by your side that you can call when the going gets tough. You are less likely to back out or come up with an excuse if you have someone else counting on you.
  3. Reward yourself. The longer you stick to your goals, the bigger the rewards should be. After the first month? Maybe a book and some time set aside to read it. After six months? Maybe splurge on some gear for your favorite activity. Bonus points if you can think of rewards that contribute to your resolution.
  4. Don’t give up after setbacks. This one is big. So you have an off day and hit the fast food drive-thru. Many of us give in to the notion that now your diet is blown so you’ll just start again the next day, or maybe even the next week. Why? You’re only human. Just tell yourself it’s okay and start over right then. No obsessive guilt. No waiting. Just do it.

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What are some resolution tips that help you succeed?

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