Lauren Lomsdale

Lauren Lomsdale

Web & IT Chair

Lauren Lomsdale is a current Marine Corps spouse of 13 years. She has spent the past 10 years finding her true passion — helping military spouses find or create PCS friendly and remote careers. 

Lauren has been in the digital media space for over a decade, and she now runs her own boutique web design and digital marketing consulting firm, Aura Digital Consulting, employing 10 other military spouses as virtual assistants and graphic designers. She also teaches other military spouses how to create portable remote careers in web design via her courses at The WFH Milspo. 

Lauren is not only a dedicated military spouse, she also is a fitness lover. She is now committed to finding flexible fitness for military spouses and helping reach more military families through InDependent. 

InDependent Title: Chair of Web and IT

Education/Certificates: MS in Education (PreK-6th), BS in Psychology

Before/Besides working with InDependent, I: I currently own my own web design and digital media design and marketing company. I employ 11 military spouses as virtual marketing assistants and graphic designers. I also have a course that teaches military spouses the skills they need to become virtual marketing assistants.


Favorite Duty Station: Key West, FL

Favorite Place to Visit or Go on Vacation:  I kind of live in a vacation spot right now, so I don’t need to go on vacation! But if I had to choose someplace I am happy to go anywhere that there is a beach, a pool, or hiking. 

What Does Wellness Mean to Me: I am a huge fitness advocate and moving my body is a high priority to me. I work out almost every day and take walks every mid-morning by offering dog-walking services in the neighborhood. I also am very conscious of what I put into my body. I focus on whole foods that provide significant nutrition. 

How I Find Balance: I set clear boundaries with my work! No work after 5pm and no work on weekends so I can focus on family. I also pride myself in being available to my girls when they have school events to attend. 

Favorite Pastime: Running and lifting weights with Caroline Girvan on YouTube!

Healthy Eating Tip: Make it colorful! Adding color to your plate is a great way to ensure you get all the necessary nutrients AND eat whole foods. 

Favorite Healthy Snack: Plantain chips and black bean hummus

My Go-To Recipe: Oven baked chicken with sauteed zucchini and cauliflower rice

Fitness Achievement Most Proud of: Running the St. Jude’s Marathon in 4:22. 

Favorite Way to Workout: At home with Caroline Girvan videos (free on YouTube!)

Favorite Workout Song: Whatever Caroline is playing!

Biggest Fitness Hurdle: Hitting a plateau when I couldn’t run anymore. 

What Brings Me Joy: Being busy and productive- enneagram 3 anyone?!

My Favorite Way to De-stress: On the couch with my hubby binge watching just about anything, or happy hour in downtown Key West!

To get rich, never risk your health. For it is the truth that health is the wealth of wealth.