Kitchen gadget wish list

I always find that during the holiday season I spend more time in the kitchen than any other time of the year. Its also when I use that weird kitchen gadget I never thought Id use. Ramekins? Mandolin? Double boiler? I use them one time a year and its always during Christmas. 

Its also during this time that I begin to take stock of the gadgets I really do need and use in the kitchen. With the amount of soups and stews I make Id be lost without an immersion blender, and my French press revolutionized the way I drink coffee. Theyre year round essentials.

This holiday season, the InDependent team compiled a list of the 21 gadgets we couldnt live without. Some are staples, while others are a little more obscure, but they all are critical to our kitchen activities.

If youre looking to add to your kitchen this season but arent quite sure what to ask for, hopefully this list will give you some ideas.

Kitchen gadget wish list

What essential kitchen gadget would you add to the list?