Kami’s StoryWhy I strive to live healthfully:

I’m Finally Doing It for the Right Reasons

For a long time, I struggled with WHY I wanted to lose weight. It might seem easy enough to answer: to be healthier and fit. Hello! It wasn’t that easy for me though. I’m not even going to sugar coat it at this point. I bought into the lie of losing weight for vain reasons. Health didn’t even enter my mind until last year, when I finally made a commitment to change for good.  For a long time, I just wanted to get skinnier so I could look better for others and fit into cuter clothes. That was the harsh reality of my line of thinking and I’m not proud of it. Now is it bad to want to go shopping and find clothes that are flattering on me and have the desire to look sexier for my husband? No, but it shouldn’t be the overall basis of why I want to shed the pounds. I made a decision to change the way I viewed losing weight into something more positive and productive; being healthy and living a fuller, higher quality way of life.

My Family Members Are My Biggest Motivators

As my 15-month-old son is growing before my very eyes, I’ve had to choose what kind of mom I want to be. Did I want to be the mom that was lazy and spent time on the couch WATCHING her son grow up, or did I want to get on the floor to play with him and be ENGAGED in his life? That, to me, was a no brainer. I have been blessed with being a stay-at-home mom and I get the most wonderful opportunity to see my son grow up and experience all of the little firsts that go along with that. I have more energy now than I have ever had in my entire life and it is the best feeling in the world knowing that what makes my son the happiest is when I’m on the floor, chasing him around, like I’m a jungle cat from an African safari. His eyes light up and he giggles as if I’m the best mom in the world for acting as silly as he is. That makes all of the sweat, sore muscles, eating healthier, and trips to the gym worth it.

Kami then and now

My Future Endeavors

As I’m still in the process of reaching my goal weight, I know that losing weight and getting fit and healthy is an ongoing process…for the rest of my life, as it should be. I think most people go in thinking that after they reach their goals and get to the weight they want to be, there are no more goals left to achieve and obtain, which is far from the truth. I always want to strive to be a better person than the person I was yesterday, not only physically, but also in every aspect of my life. Being healthy and fit is a lifetime commitment to myself and to the loved ones around me. It took me a long time to realize that, but once I did, I haven’t looked back since.