Happy Birthday InDependent: One Year Review

by | Oct 15, 2014 | Blog


InDependent's first birthdayWhat if you were offered a job that required you to work many hours —primarily during the evenings, weekends, holidays, and major life transitions —under the condition that you may or may not receive a paycheck. Ever. Would you accept?

For our InDependent team, this question is a reality. On the eve of our one-year birthday, we were challenged to decide, “do we stay, or do we go?” After a long, heartfelt discussion that ranged from laughter, to tears and frustration, to celebration, we unanimously agreed to stay. Why?

Well, you see, for the past year we’ve been listening. I mean, REALLY listening to your wants, needs, desires, and wishes. Through the InDependent community you have expressed yourselves via social media, participated in our surveys, emailed us privately, and shared your stories as contributors. We have read every single word and now —more than ever —we are truly compelled to help.

Quotes from our readers

For year two, our goal is to build health and wellness programs that offer respite from the unique demands of military life. Your candid input is our guiding force. Through our research team at Kansas State University, we will continue to collect real-life data from surveys and focus groups. This information will be used to build programs that meet your specific needs. Let your voice be heard here.

To build these programs, however, we need funds. Public Health Foundation Enterprises, Inc., our nonprofit fiscal sponsor, is helping us apply for grants and request donations from corporate sponsors. Financial support will enable us to build the programs you want and need. Learn how you can help, or spread the word to someone who can by reading and sharing our sponsorship packet.

In the meantime, we will continue to provide support and advice through InDependent’s articles and social media platforms. Our network of more than 30 military spouses —who range from fitness trainers and nutritionists, to published authors and subject-matter experts —are eager to offer advice and support. Contact us to join our awesome group of contributors.

Our contributors

Today is InDependent’s first birthday! We’ve decided to celebrate with a big ol’cake filled with candles, each linked to a bright future. Your words have inspired us to succeed, so together we can thrive. 

P.S. We reached our goal of 1,000 Facebook likes for our #tellyourtribe campaign in one day! Thank you for your incredible support. We randomly chose Anette Radonski to receive a gift certificate for a free pair of Asics® performance running shoes. Congratulations and thanks so much for your support!

InDependent makes wellness accessible and creates opportunities for all military spouses to connect for friendship, accountability, and inspiration.

We envision a time when all military spouses thrive through connection to community and resources that results in healthy decision-making for themselves and their families.