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by | May 31, 2017 | Blog

The summer months are approaching, and shorts and dresses are being pulled out from the back of the closest. As a spray tan artist, I begin to get busier and busier. I welcome the busyness with open arms and get to know my clients with each and every session. Over the course of the last two years, I have met many women that have been diagnosed with skin cancer or have had a skin cancer scare. As a result, they no longer tan in a tanning bed or lay out but still want to achieve a sun-kissed glow.

I was shocked by the number of women in their late 20s that have already had moles or other precancerous and cancerous areas removed. Seeing this first-hand made me research how common skin cancer is. To my surprise, it is the most common cancer in the United States with more cases than those of breast, prostate, lung, and colon cancers combined. And one in five Americans is diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime. Holy Moly!

I began to think about mine and my friend’s habits during our teenage years and early 20s. I was not allowed to go to the tanning beds, but many of my friends were. In several states, the US has banned tanning beds for those under 18 years of age. However, even though I wasn’t allowed to go the tanning beds, I did layout and burn every year which is just as dangerous because even one blistering sunburn during childhood or adolescence can nearly triple a person’s chance of developing melanoma.

The more research I did, the more I knew I needed to raise awareness of the dangers of tanning and provide an alternative. If you embrace your color or if you feel more confident with a tan that is your choice. But if you wish to be tan, you should not have to risk your health to do so.

As skin cancer rates soar, the use of sunless products has become more popular. However, everyone still has the same fear…looking orange. Spray tans and sunless lotion have developed such a negative name that many would rather risk their health to feel more confident in a tan. Visit the Association of Sunless Pros website to find a spray tan artist in your area. You can search their directory of businesses across the United States for trained professionals who use safe products. It is important to be aware what you put on your body and if it is safe.

Here are five ingredients to avoid for a cleaner and more natural spray tan: 

  • Artificial perfumes
  • Parabens
  • Mineral oil
  • Artificial preservatives
  • Alcohol

If you wish to use a sunless lotion instead, below is a list of the top sunless DIY products listed on EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Data Base for a safe and healthy glow: 

1.    Beauty by Earth Self Tanner

2.    Comodynes Instant Tanning One Day Color Bronzing Towelettes

3.    Trilogy Instant Bronzing Gel

4.    Coppertone Sunless Tanning Gradual Tan Moisturizing Lotion

5.    Nature’s Gate Glow Lotion, Light Skin Tones

(Purchases using the link above will help InDependent cover administrative costs for our programs at no extra cost to you!)

I have vowed to SPRAY DON’T LAY and to inform and educate those around me about a better option if they want to achieve a tan.

about Brittany Campbell

Brittany Campbell is a proud military spouse and owner of Sunshine Artistry, a spray tan company. Her passion for service and love for bringing joy to others led her to become an entrepreneur. Brittany’s life went from a dull marketing coordinating job that she loathed, to making individuals feel great about themselves by amplifying their already beautiful self.

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