POSITION SUMMARY:  The Funding and Outreach Chair will lead the analysis, planning, execution and evaluation of fundraising and outreach efforts. They will develop systems to build strategic relationships within the community. They will lead the Funding and Outreach Committee.



  • Create a diversified annual fundraising plan that is in alignment with InDependent’s strategic plan.

  • Conducts activities related to establishing and managing annual giving campaigns, event planning, and fundraising activities.

  • Supports and grows special events and third-party sponsorship opportunities.

  • Develops and directs a program for the cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of individual donors, businesses, and foundations.

  • Manages a timely and appropriate donor management and acknowledgement system.

  • Maintains accurate records and provides regular reports on goals in the fundraising plan.

  • Identify, organize, and execute key activities to cultivate new and to sustain long-term donor relations.   

  • Contribute to a bi-annual sponsor/donor newsletter with a special focus on donor/human interest storytelling.

  • Assists the Board with grant research and writing, if needed. 


  • Works with the President to maintain relationships with collaborative partners and cultivates new ones with other organizations and businesses doing complimentary work.

  • Assists in the coordination of special events, including holidays; donor/partner/volunteer appreciation activities.

Board Member Responsibilities

  • Provide inspired leadership for InDependent.

    • Represent InDependent with the highest standard of integrity and transparency

      • Duty of care, duty of loyalty, duty to act in good faith, duty of obedience

    • Model commitment to our mission, vision, and core values to those within and without our organization.

    • Maintain a balance between all Branches of Wellness, both internally within InDependent and in our programming/external communications.

    • Maintain confidentiality to include, but not limited to, InDependent’s board meetings, Standards of Operation, policies, and financial records to persons inside and outside of the organization unless deemed appropriate by the executive team to release information.

    • Promote a spirit of teamwork through modeling the way of accountability, effective communication, integrity and creative problem solving.

    • Participate in philanthropic networks. Stay abreast and monitor trends in the nonprofit and foundation world. Identify and undertake professional development and training.

  • Follow the bylaws, conflict of interest, and any other policies or publications founded by InDependent, Inc. and take seriously the legal, fiscal, and ethical responsibilities the Board carries

  • Prepare for, attend, and conscientiously participate in board meetings and events.

  • Submit monthly report of committee activities, and annual committee AAR, budget and strategic plan that are in line with InDependent’s overall strategic plan and program initiatives.

  • Participate in recruiting of staff/volunteer/board members, specifically taking the lead on planning for their own succession and offering up recommendations to the board. Orient’s new Funding and Outreach Chair.

Volunteer and Committee Management

  • Responsible for recruiting, training, and establishing committee members, to include user roles and responsibilities, access to necessary Google Drives, Slack channels, and other committee software and programs

  • Delegate committee tasks to volunteers as needed, working with the Operations Chair to establish position descriptions, necessary SOPs, and rewards & recognition

TIME REQUIRED: 15-20 hours per month on average, more time may be required for budget preparation, year-end, proposal deadlines or events | Term of Service: 2 years


  • Transparent and high integrity leadership.

  • Strong personal interest in military spouse health & wellness.

  • Committed to accuracy, transparency and timeliness.

  • Strong interpersonal skills including relationship and trust building, communication and listening, and personal engagement.

  • Written and verbal communication skills, including being able to create presentations.

  • High level attention to detail and organization skills.

  • Ability to manage multiple projects.

  • Outgoing and engaging personality with confidence to interact face to face with individual and corporate donors.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience preparing reports for funding sources, or with non-profit fundraising.

  • Knowledge and experience with social media platforms and websites.

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite, iWorks, Asana, Slack, graphic design software, or similar software.

  • Ability to prepare and present oral and written reports on development and outreach activities, to track and assess progress and address program deficiencies as they occur.

  • Experience working with remote teams.