Five Brands to Step Up Your Natural Makeup Game

by | Nov 15, 2016 | Blog


It seems to me that there are a plethora of natural skin and hair care brands on the market, both high-end and at the drugstore. Every time I shop or read posts from my favorite beauty bloggers, there’s some new all natural, organic skin care product to try. But what about makeup? Years of extensive research, also know as Sephora impulse buys, have directed me toward a few natural makeup lines that have a lot to offer.

Just like natural skin care, plant-based, organic makeup has some great benefits. It’s generally better for the environment, often gentler on your skin, and more likely to be cruelty free. The ingredient lists tend to be more transparent, which is great for those of us on the lookout for certain ingredients (that we love or want to avoid). Military life is stressful, and hands us a lot to worry about. If you’re worrying about whether the products you use are safe for you and the environment, here’s a chance to check those worries off your list. Plus, any military spouse who wears makeup, or wants to try something new will enjoy the following options:


Boscia is a Japanese brand that is completely preservative free, and boasts products made from natural ingredients like charcoal, willow bark, jojoba, and green tea. All of their products are designed to work with sensitive skin, and are packaged in a “clean room” (which you can read about on their website) to avoid cross-contamination with any irritants or allergens. While most of their products are skin care and not make up, I’ve put them on my list because their BB creams are amazing. They are oil free, have a physical sunblock of SPF 27, and are great on their own or under other makeup. These are a great, practical introduction to natural makeup products.

Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty, as the name may have suggested to you, is a range of natural lip products. They claim that their ingredients make their lipsticks safe enough to eat. While I love cosmetics and snacking, I generally can’t endorse eating makeup. That said, it’s nice to know that something you’re putting on your lips contains edible ingredients. Additionally, they have a range of colors and textures that are very comfortable and wearable. I think a fun lipstick goes a long way in helping you look pulled together, especially if you’re strapped for time, which I think most military spouses are. If you want to test some natural products without a lot of commitment, or you just don’t want to make that much effort (Who does? Let’s get back to snacking.), start with a great lip product.

Bare Minerals

I’ve been hearing about Bare Minerals for years without ever realizing that they are a natural makeup line. I guess the whole “minerals” part of the name went right over my head. Chances are, if you’re a makeup junkie like me, you’ve probably already sampled their products as well. Their powder foundations are particularly popular and definitely worth a try, especially if you don’t like the feel of traditional liquid foundation formulas.

Josie Maran

Josie Maran is a former model who was basically grossed out by the ingredients in the cosmetics she encountered in her line of work. So she eventually decided to make her own. Her company’s motto is “luxury with a conscience” and they strive to create high-end products with sustainable, eco-friendly ingredients. In particular, the line features argan oil, which is used in hair, skin, and makeup products. If you have oily skin, don’t be put off by the argan oil. Their Vibrancy Argan Oil foundation is lightweight enough for any skin type. And their coconut water cheek stain is one of the best stains I have tried, and it also fits in my well loved “perk up your face without doing a lot work because you are tiiiiiiiiiiired” category.


I have saved my favorite for last! Tarte is a makeup brand that is focused on cruelty free, eco-friendly products with naturally-derived ingredients. I’m a big fan of their Amazonian clay range of products, which I think are great for oily skin. Their CC undereye concealer is one of my all time favorite products for covering my panda-style dark circles. Aside from their great products, I really love Tarte because they are virtually indistinguishable from other makeup brands – they have a huge range of products for all skin types, fun packaging, lots of palettes to choose from, and they frequently add new items to their range. They offer everything a traditional cosmetics line offers, but you can feel a bit better about their impact on the environment and your body. It’s possible to use natural products without feeling like you’re missing out on anything!

Sometimes we see makeup as being frivolous, especially when we’re dealing with all the things military life brings. It can seem very self-indulgent to put time and effort into your appearance when you’re coping with deployments and moves, among other things. While I certainly don’t think women need to wear makeup to look good, I do think that we all need to do things that make us feel good about ourselves, and encourage us to spend some time on our own needs. Makeup does that for me, and I’m always happy when I find products that make me feel great while being good for me and the planet.

What makes you feel really great about yourself?

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