Five Style Tips for Expecting Moms

by | May 27, 2014 | Blog


I am 23 weeks along in my third pregnancy. Like everything with children, this pregnancy has been much different than my others. From my cravings, to my moods, to my clothes, to my duty stations, everything is different with each pregnancy.

My first pregnancy I remember living in leggings and a large shirt. I felt cute, but mostly because I had an awesome short spiky hairstyle and I LOVED my belly. I felt like I didn’t really need any accessories.

The second pregnancy, I dressed very bohemian. It was hot, hot, hot, so I lived in a brown peasant skirt and tanks. I was also very busy with my one-year-old, soI don’t remember thinking much about what I was wearing.

This pregnancy, I started feeling uncomfortable at about eight weeks. I couldn’t stand wearing any of my regular clothes and went shopping for some drawstring and elastic waist pants almost immediately.

I also had a bit of an identity crisis when I got pregnant. I had finally started to figure out what I liked to wear, and then my shape started changing and none of my favorite clothes fit right! So, I had to figure out how to translate what I liked into a maternity style. I wanted to feel like myself and feel comfortable.  Here are five maternity style tips that I came up with:

1. Keep up on your hair and accessories.  Accessories always fit, no matter what your size is!

2. Have a pair of happy shoes.  If you have a pair of shoes that are comfortable, are really an expression of you, and that go with a lot of your clothes, it can really help a boring outfit have some personality. The pair keeping me happy right now are some peach ballerina flats with a bow on the front. I feel girly and sophisticated, even if I’m just wearing my black ankle pants and a white tee.

3. Tie a bow on it! (Or belt it) I don’t buy a lot of actual maternity clothes. A lot of what I buy is thrifted or from a normal store that doesn’t carry maternity clothes. When I have a top that is too loose and makes me look like I’m just bigger instead of pregnant, tying a cute ribbon or wearing a belt with it can make it look automatically pulled together. I tie/belt at the smallest part of my waist, right below my bust.

4. Have different styles and colors of pants. The pants that I am finding in constant rotation these days are a pair of distressed maternity jeans (rolled up mid-calf), army green cargo style pants, black maternity ankle pants, and a pair of white shorts or capris. Because they are all a little bit different in style and different colors, it makes wearing the same things over and over feel like they are still new and exciting, especially when mixed with different tops and accessories.

5. Keep necklines in mind when shopping if you’re planning on breastfeeding your baby. You probably won’t fit into your normal size for awhile, and alreadyhaving clothes that are breastfeeding friendly is helpful. Shirts that pull up from the bottom or a necklines that are low or buttoned are great. V-necks work great too if they are stretchy.

Embrace the belly!

How do you stay true to your style when you’re expecting?

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