Why Campaign:  Elizabeth's StoryWhy do I exercise?

Simply for well-being.  Every workout is time, effort, and energy devoted to my fitness and my psyche.  If I can regularly carve out time for myself, I feel better, am more productive, and am a nicer person.

The act of exercising makes me feel good about myself. I’m expending energy, but my strength, stamina, and flexibility are my focus.  It’s an active way to improve myself and when I complete a workout I feel that I have accomplished something for me.

Regular physical exercise improves me.  I sleep better.  I have more energy.  I seem to get ill less often.  I think I even eat better.  I know my onion ring cravings are fewer and farther between when I’m unrolling my mat or lacing my shoes regularly.

Most importantly for me, however, is the decompression time.  Having a block of time on the calendar, even if only once every couple of days, that is just for me, does me a lot of good.  Scheduling it in, looking forward to it, making it and me a priority, allows me to be a better person.

I exercise because it gives me a healthy physical outlet for my stress.  It releases endorphins and helps regulate my body.  I receive the physical rewards of gaining strength and flexibility, and the intangible reward of improved self-esteem.  And I exercise because devoting time to my health allows me to be a better wife, mother, and friend.