Instant Relief for Dry Winter Skin

by | Jan 17, 2014 | Blog


We PCSed to Kansas last summer, and one thing that I’ve really noticed is that my skin isn’t as dry as it had been in Germany.  I used to have to put lotion on every day but I got out of the habit here in Kansas because it just isn’t necessary.

My crocodile skin resurfaced in Colorado while we were on vacation.  My legs were so dry that my skin flaked off on my yoga mat.  Ick!  Lotion eased the itching some, but didn’t help completely.

Right after I got home, I stood in the tub and applied sunflower seed oil with a body brush.  With only one application, my itchy, scaly skin disappeared.  Instant relief!  Just be careful not to slip on any spilled oil in the tub.

Using a body brush for dry skin brushing is super popular during detoxes and cleanses because it stimulates the lymphatic system, helping toxins exit the body.  I just added some oil to the process.  If you decide to begin this invigorating and soothing practice, make sure to use a brush that has natural bristles and always brush towards the heart. Gina Caputo, one of my favorite yoga instructors, offers a shameless (she’s wearing an anatomy unitard!) video on how to brush from the extremities into the center for maximum effectiveness.

Do you do anything special for your skin in the winter?

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