Wellness Spotlight: Moni Jefferson

The Wellness Spotlight series highlights military spouses and their real world health and wellness journeys in a Facebook live series. Below is an excerpt of Moni’s feature.

Each season in life is different, the best thing to do is really love who you are, embrace where you are, and give yourself grace about where you want to be.
— Moni Jefferson
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Growing up as a military kid I feel like I have been living this amazing life forever! Although being a military kid and a military spouse are two way different things.  As a spouse I learned to navigate and make the best out of situations no matter what. I truly love this military life. The experiences, the people, and the places are priceless and irreplaceable. This life has made me resilient, empathetic, and open-hearted to those that are not like me.

What is a low moment when your health suffered the most?

When I realized that I had no individual self identity. My husband was deployed for a year and I suddenly found myself with a lot of alone time and unanswered questions about myself, my life, and my future. I realized this in the midst of an  adventurous journey of supporting my husband and watching his military career propel. My own journey had lacked the attention it needed to cultivate self identity, self worth and most importantly a career of my very own, which affected my well being.

How did you overcome it?

I realized that I had so much to offer, that I had endless options, and that I did not have to be confined to only being a military spouse. That although my life is more complex and unique than others I could do it all!  So, I began reading, researching and exploring ways in which I could get involved in the things that fueled me and that I was passionate about. This led me to create a career of my dreams while still supporting my family, and spouse. My official entrepreneur journey began in 2013, as a freelance writer. I then started a blog, Dog Tags And Heels, and that journey has now evolved into multiple business! I have never looked back. 

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Share with us a high moment during your wellness journey!

I will say that right now in this very moment I am feeling extreme gratitude and fulfillment. Since my blog, I have created a virtual public relations and social media visibility agency ( Dog Tags + Heels LLC), I became an accidental app creator of two military life apps MilCam and MilEmoji, and founded a thriving community for military spouse entrepreneurs like me! I am emotionally, physically and spiritually more in tune with myself identity than ever before.

How do you avoid burnout?

To avoid burnout make sure to take time to exercise. I love spin! The bike always intimidates people, but spin is the best workout and without hurting any joints. I have a spin bike at home! Going to spin is like a big party, with the lights out, blaring music and that hill climb is the most empowering feeling ever!!

I realized that I had so much to offer and that I had endless options. And that I did not have to be confined to only being a military spouse. That although my life is more complex and unique than others I could do it ALL!
— Moni

What is one personal habit that contributes to your success?

Family Structure! I will say that my family and the structure we have created allow me to do all the things in a way that is not only guilt free but encouraging and supportive. Lots of things changed when I decided to work from home. So, to keep it all organized and communicate, we have a family meeting every week and sync everyone's phone calendar. Our family meetings encourage us to talk about any stressors of our week and up and coming events that the family will have to prepare in advance. Every member of our home has chores and daily responsibilities in the household. A regular bedtime routine is key so everyone gets rest and the hubby and I get quite time to reconnect. Every family member contributes to my success. I am truly blessed!


Right now I am relying on Simple Habit- Meditation because I have a hard time shutting off so this helps with reminders to meditate and get centered between being a mom, wife, friend, and entrepreneur.


Right now I’m a biz podcast addict! I am enjoying Wit + Wisdom. That podcast is a gem of a find and those ladies are smart and funny!

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ABOUT Moni Jefferson

Moni is a public relations professional, accidental app creator, and proud military spouse. The owner of Dog Tags and Heels LLC, a virtual PR and Social Media Visibility Agency, the proud founder of The MilSpouse Creative, an online community for MilSpouse entrepreneurs and creator of the MilCam App + MilEmoji App, both the first and only military lifestyle apps. She is a proud Air Force spouse who is 20 years married to her best friend Roy & has 3 brilliant children that keep her on her toes! 


Facebook: Moni Jefferson PR | Website: Moni Jefferson PR | Instagram: @monijeffersonpr | Twitter: @MoniJeffersonPR