Time + Gratitude = Thank You Note


Thank You NotesAfter attending holiday parties, receiving wonderful gifts, and staying with close friends or family, what do you do? Well, not until recently did I think that you needed to do anything really -- that is until I received a few thank you notes from friends who stayed at my house. Receiving a handwritten note is so personal.  I enjoy each one I get. I truly have some amazing family members, friends, and coworkers who have continued to communicate using this time-honored tradition.

In today’s tech world, people often simply text their thanks, blog about how much they enjoyed their stay at someone’s home, or post a photo on Facebook of the fabulous gift they received. Inspired by my thoughtful friends, and remembering the manners I learned when I was younger, I have recently started writing thank you notes again.

To get started, I pulled out my trusty guide, The Art of the Handwritten Note, given to me by my mom before I got married. Then, I got out my stationery and my address book (yes, I still have a hard copy address book).  Not sure what to write? Hallmark also offers some great tips on how to write a sincere thank you note.

As a military spouse, it is a good way to practice writing notes, especially when you need to write one after a function at someone’s home.  Jane Jolotta, cadet hostess at the U.S. Military Academy, offers an etiquette briefing for future military spouses.  She recommends: “Follow an invitation to someone’s home with a thank-you note sent within 48 hours of the event.”

I have also heard that you should send a personal note within a week of attending a function and I am sure there are other recommendations out there. I think just as long as you send one as soon as possible you will be covered. Writing them shortly after an event helps you remember what you are thankful for, instead of waiting a month and trying to recall it from memory.

Next time you stay with a friend, attend a get-together, or receive a gift, take the time to write that person a note. You may be surprised at how good it can make you feel by showing your gratitude. The art of writing a hand written note doesn’t seem common anymore, so you may surprise and delight the recipient.

Have you written a thank you note recently? Share how you gave thanks to a loved one and use #IDgivingthanks.