Getting Back on Track After the Holidays


So I didn’t eat as well as I was supposed to over the holidays. Even though I had planned on eating healthfully and continued to work out as much as I could, I still gained weight over the holidays.

More importantly I felt terrible after consuming all those delicious treats that the holidays bring. I mean how could I resist my mother-in-law’s delicious holiday decorated sugar cookies?

After derailing my live healthier plan, my husband and I are getting back on track. We have made a pact that we are going to eat out less and cook more at home.

Although this sounds simple, it has proven to be difficult at times when I am too tired to get in the kitchen and use all those wonderful veggies that I optimistically purchased. But I have to remind myself that if I don’t use those veggies they will go bad and I will waste money, not to mention I will spend more money if I go out to eat for dinner. I could get a pizza from Papa John’s for $11 or I could make two pizzas on my own for the same amount or less.

I have mentioned it before, but I am more confident about reaching my health goals with support from my family and friends. That is why making the agreement with my husband was crucial.

I have also been working on a yoga challenge with some of my friends, which has definitely helped me keep on track. We all talk about how we struggle with finding the time to do each day’s practice or the challenge of finding the obscure ingredients for the program’s 3-day detox cleanse. It helps to vent to others or laugh with them as we work through the challenge.

With the pact between my husband and me, and my friends keeping me on track with the 21-day yoga challenge, I am well on my way to getting back on my live healthier plan.

What are you doing to keep yourself motivated to obtain your health goals?