A Message for MilSpouse EntrepreneursIn our journeys as military spouses we experience a transition every 2.9 years on average.

As an extremely persistent and determined bunch, many of us choose the entrepreneur path almost by default. I know and respect many military spouses that consider themselves makers and pursue income on a multitude of levels and on all different scales. The beauty of these ventures, and the purpose for which they are created, is the mobility and flexibility that self-employment offers. While this independence is essential to our success, it is also a challenging road, not for the faint of heart. So often I am reminded of the perseverance it takes to start and run your own business. As a business owner, wife, and mother I have a message for my colleagues:

You are all phenomenal women — all so different, but sharing core commonalities that make us successful in the military lifestyle. It’s not just a job and you are not just a maker. You are a military spouse, a valuable part of an honorable, strong, and dedicated community. If entrepreneurship does anything, it offers meaningful perspective. Starting my own company has forced me to question what I can truly do for my community, my family, and myself. Whatever your calling may be, my sincere hope is that it brings you the same valiant significance.

Are you a military spouse entrepreneur? What do you do?

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