Remember as a kid blowing out your birthday candles with a BIG WISH in mind, hoping with all your might it would come true?

Well, InDependent’s wish came true! Two months after our first birthday, we began collaborating with Tara Crooks from Army Wife Network on a cutting-edge event designed to meet the specific needs of military spouses. After 10 months preparation, we successfully launched the first-ever online Military Spouse Wellness Summit 2015: Invest in Yourself. The event attracted more than 2,000 participants, all the way from Kansas to Japan.

“Just want to throw out a thank you for the summit being in mostly audio format – while I don’t have time to read lengthy blog posts or articles throughout a typical week, I can listen to audio while doing dishes or prepping meals!” — Josh, Air Force spouse

Our post-summit reviews revealed that people LOVED the online format and wanted more. Well — you asked, so we delivered.

selfcare big announcement

selfcare big announcement

InDependent is now offering a monthly virtual wellness series called The MilSpo’s Guide to Self-Care. Why? Because you deserve the same love and care you give everyone else.

About the free self-care program by InDependent.  For military spouses by military spouses.

About the free self-care program by InDependent. For military spouses by military spouses.

By participating in The MilSpo’s Guide to Self-Care, you will receive an inspirational podcast or video series from a guest expert delivered directly to your email inbox each month. Content will be health and wellness themed in relation to military life. Lessons will be delivered virtually so you can participate from wherever, whenever. Register here. This program is in addition to our annual Military Spouse Wellness Summit scheduled for October 2016.

The InDependent self-care program is free!

The InDependent self-care program is free!

It’s FREE to participate! All you have to do is register.

InDependent Self-care program,  what do i get?

InDependent Self-care program, what do i get?

The MilSpo’s Guide to Self-Care starts Sunday, January 3, 2016. Our first topic is “The Power of Choice” led by Kathy Stoddard Torrey of Tapfer Consulting. More information is coming soon.

selfcare banner register

selfcare banner register

Secure your spot! Register now and then share with a friend to be automatically entered to win a pair of ASICS® Performance Running Shoes courtesy of Olympic MedalistDeena Kastor. Here’s how to share.

  1. To share on Twitter: share this link with the hashtag #MilSpoSelfCare.  
  2. On Facebook share this copy:  “I just registered for the FREE #MilSpoSelfCare program at InDependent.  Win a pair of ASICS® Running Shoes. The monthly program for military spouses starts January 3.  It’s virtual so you can participate from anywhere.  Join me! http://in-dependent.org/self-care-registration
  3. Email us to get your unique referral link to help spread the word!  

The more shares you have, the better chance you have to win. Share now!

Make 2016 the year you commit to self-care. We’re here to help and can’t wait to see you thrive!