Facing Fears and Finding Your Voice

with Brittany Boccher





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about Brittany

The 2017 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year®, Brittany is a seasoned Air Force spouse of eleven years, a mother, business owner, devoted volunteer, mentor, and a loyal friend. She's the mother of an adorable four-year-old daughter and an amazing two-year-old special-needs son. She is also he founder and director of the Down Syndrome Advancement Coalition “Tank Filled Life” project, educating and advocating for individuals with Down syndrome. As the 2016 MSOY for Little Rock Air Force base, Brittany identified a gap of ADA accessible play options for children with special needs and approached the appropriate people to achieve a playground with accessible therapeutic swings designed to support children with physical disabilities. In addition, she encouraged and achieved the purchase of Caroline Carts for people with special needs at our DECA commissary. She is also an advocate and parent liaison for the Air Force Exceptional Family Member Program.