A Week of Wellness Made Easy


Imagine sitting outside as the sun goes down with a warm cup of tea, fresh glass of wine, or an ice-cold beer. Whatever your drink of choice – you’re in paradise. You’re alone. No screaming children are demanding your attention. No hungry spouse waiting for dinner. No co-workers asking for your time.

Now, imagine this blissful solitude for a full week.

Is it really possible? Yes, it is!


Because you deserve it. 

You’re the spouse of a service member. Thus, you’ve probably become accustomed to being everything to everyone. Hence, the reason you give, give, give.

But, this mentality is NOT okay!

It’s what causes burnout. And, you can’t afford to go down. 

So, here’s an innovative solution...


You deserve a week of rest. You deserve a break from putting everyone else’s needs first. You deserve to feast without guilt, sleep in peace, and time to tone your mind and body. And you deserve all this without having to miss work, schedule childcare, or travel across the globe. 

Sounds good, right?

Yep. We thought so, too!

That’s why we created The Military Spouse Wellness Summit

Evie, Leslie, and Michele: the milspo minds behind MSWS17

Evie, Leslie, and Michele: the milspo minds behind MSWS17

We’re three military spouses just like you. We’ve moved every couple of years, endured long-term separations, volunteered ad nauseam, given up careers, and conquered living overseas. It’s exhausting!

So, for years, we dreamed of escaping to an all-inclusive retreat together for a week of relaxation. But, after calculating the accommodations ($2,000+) and travel ($600+), it just wasn’t feasible.

So, instead, we created our own in-home retreat experience.

That was two years ago! 

Since then, more than 3,000 spouses – living around the world – have joined us from the comfort of their homes for a week of bliss! 

Keep up the truly great work you’re doing for all the for all the military spouses out there! This event was groundbreaking and amazing. It is inspiring to see technology link us all together even though we are all spread around the country. Already looking forward to the next event! -
— Laura, National Guard Spouse

It’s time to break the cycle of exhaustion. Let’s renew YOU!



the third annual 

Military Spouse Wellness Summit: Renew You

October 14 – 20, 2017


Is the Military Spouse Wellness Summit for you?

It is if you want to learn how to …


Achieve health + wealth  

Minimize and organize  

Tone muscles and burn fat

Eat intuitively and sleep peacefully

Connect purposefully and love deeply


If you answered “YES!” to at least one of the above, then please join us for a week of healthy inspiration. You’ll be united with like-minded spouses located around the world – all experiencing the same Summit from home.

Registration is open to ALL spouses from every service branch (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy): including active, national guard, and reserve. We also accept girlfriends. And we believe once a spouse always a spouse, so retired veteran spouses are welcome too.

We’ve also expanded the event to include first responder spouses (police officers, firefighters, 9-1-1 dispatchers, and EMS members). Because we understand the sacrifices, you make as well. You are wanted and welcomed to participate! 


The Location

Participate anywhere, anytime during event week.  

It’s virtual, so join from home or on the go. All you need is WIFI access.

VIP Participants will receive private admission to an online community via Facebook. Here you’ll connect with other participants, ask questions, compete for prizes, and participate in fitness and cooking demonstrations.  

Before the event, you’ll receive a guide for your in-home luxury retreat that will prepare you for the week ahead.  

Plus, each day you’ll get an itinerary delivered to your email inbox. Fresh with a daily dose of inspiration, fitness, and nutrition.

The Experts

Every day, for five days, you’ll receive inspiration from two experts who’ll reveal their secrets to a balanced mind and body. Each presentation will arrive in your email inbox via audio and video.

2017 Speakers List Coming Soon

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The Body

As a VIP registrant, each day will feature a virtual workout class. Your instructor will teach you how to melt fat and tone muscle, fast. Participate in the classes via our private Facebook group. Plus, we'll include a list of the gear you need in our retreat guide.


The Food

VIP registrants will be treated each day to a virtual cooking class. Your instructor will teach you how to satisfy your guilty pleasures in a healthy way. You will be able to participate in the classes via our private Facebook group. We'll even include a grocery list in our retreat guide.


The Prizes

Every day, we’ll be giving away health and wellness-related prizes (a $200 value each) to VIP registrants in our private Facebook group. 

Plus, you’ll be entered to win one awesome grand prize! We'll announce the winner on Sat. Oct. 21 via email and in the private Facebook group.

Meet The Host


Corie Weathers

Corie is a licensed professional counselor (LPC), is a sought after speaker and consultant and author of Sacred Spaces: My Journey to the Heart of Military Marriage. Corie started her career as a counselor specializing in marriage, divorce, women's issues, and substance abuse for 15 years. She married a US Army Chaplain and together, they have worked to support service members and families involved with the War on Terrorism. In 2015, Corie was named Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year® where she advocated for mental health issues and served as a media correspondent writing online and print publications, consulting for command teams, and speaking to groups on issues like PTSD, grief, and marriage.


Meet The Team


Michele Brafield

event guru

Leslie Brians

design + tech extraodinaire

Evie King

Master of fun 

If you’re ready to RENEW YOU, then this event is for you! Join us for a week of wellness made easy.

Choose the package that’s right for you:

VIP Package

10 inspirational presentations (downloadable audio files)

Access to the VIP only, private MSWS17 Facebook group

5 virtual workout classes (via the FB group)

5 virtual cooking demonstrations (via the FB group)

5 recommended guided meditations (+ app)

A guide for your in-home luxury retreat

Access to a FREE virtual training app for one month

Entered to win daily wellness related giveaways plus one luxurious grand prize

normal price of $79 after Oct. 1

Standard Package

10 inspirational presentations (available only until Oct 27 )

registration required

The Military Spouse Wellness Summit is a nonprofit fundraiser for InDependent. A portion of EVERY VIP ticket will go to help fund the development of health and wellness programs for military spouses. THANK YOU for your generous contribution!

The Sponsors

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Are you ready for a week of wellness made easy?