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How many face-to-face meetings are there during the 10-week program?

The only planned face-to-face meeting is the kick-off event. After that event, you can access all of the program content online at a place and time that is convenient for you. Your team may choose to meet up in person periodically during the program, but can choose how and when to do so.

How is this different from other programs?

Often when we hear the words “health” or “wellness” we think of weight loss programs that urge us to count calories, take up running, etc. This is not a weight loss program. We think of wellness much more broadly to include not only physical well-being, but also emotional and social well-being. The goal of this program is to encourage you to take time for yourself and focus on the self-care activities that are most meaningful to you, and to provide ideas for doing so that will fit in amidst all of the other things you have to do.

Will I get any incentives or prizes for participating?

All participants will receive a welcome kit that includes goodies related to the program. All participants will also receive a free 3-month subscription to the website Plan to Eat. Most importantly, you will leave the program with a renewed commitment to yourself that we hope will last far beyond the 10-week duration of the program. And some new friends too!

What do you mean by “Independent but not Alone”?

Ultimately this is an individual journey, where you decide what you want to focus on in your own life. You’ll be focusing on your own identify, as opposed to your identity as so-and-so’s spouse. But, we believe support from others can help us meet our goals. By interacting with other military spouses, you’ll get a sense that you’re not alone, that others are facing similar challenges, and that you’ll all be able to accomplish more as individuals by supporting each other.

What will a typical week consist of?

Each week you’ll receive an email that outlines the content for the week. This content will include 3-5 brief podcasts, along with corresponding reflections and activities. In addition, there will be an optional 1-hour coaching call with one of our instructors each week, and you will be encouraged to meet up with your teammates. Ultimately you will choose how much time to spend on the program.

Can you tell me more about the team aspect of the program?

Everyone who participates will be part of a team with 4-5 other military spouses. If you are joining with a friend/group and want to be on the same team, just let us know and we will make sure you are on a team together. If you would prefer to be assigned to a team so you can meet new friends, we will facilitate that process. You will meet your teammates at the kick-off event and will participate in challenges as a group throughout the program. Every team will have a captain who acts as a liaison between the instructors and participants. If you are interested in being a captain, make sure you let us know when you complete your baseline surveys.

How do I know if I’m eligible to participate?

We want this program to be available to all military spouses, so if you are currently married to an active duty military person, and you are willing and able to commit to the 10-week program, you are eligible to participate. We have limited space available, so please consider whether you’re able to make the commitment before signing up. We are very excited about the program, and want to reach individuals who are equally excited about participating!

If I can’t attend the kick-off event, am I still eligible to participate?

Yes! We understand that you may have other obligations that conflict with the kick-off event. This does not exclude you from participating in the study. If you know you have a conflict, please let us know, and we will arrange an alternative orientation session for you. Please note that we WILL have childcare available during the kick-off event.

If I am not currently living in the Fort Riley area, can I still participate?

Because we are encouraging spouses to meet up with each other in person during the program, you need to be living in the Fort Riley area to enroll. However, we are running another program simultaneously for military spouses based anywhere in the country, where the content will be delivered entirely online. If you a military spouse who is not currently living in Kansas, but you are interested in improving your health, you can complete the eligibility survey for that program here: https://kstate.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_cC3JC5x0ErJQBRH