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Gold Star Meal Program

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This is a program we hope is never used.

In 2017, one of our founding member's spouses had a number of teammates killed in action within weeks of deploying. It not only hit their unit hard, but the death of these two service members deeply shook their communities back home. And while the community rallied around the spouses left behind, there was little mention of their health and how they were taking care of themselves during this stressful and sad time of mourning. Wanting to help, InDependent contacted The Good Kitchen, a small, fresh food delivery company located out of Charlotte, NC, for their help. The Good Kitchen prides itself onto making nutritious, healthy, sustainably-sourced, and great tasting meals easily accessible to everyone. Working with TGK, InDependent was able to provide a week of meals to the service member families free of charge, and the Gold Star Meals Program was born.

How it works


When a service member is lost, the unit's FRG obtains permission from the gold star spouse for meals to be delivered


FRG submits application on behalf of gold star spouse, with letter from Company Commander.


application is reviewed and if approved, the frg will be notified by independent when meals will be delivered to gold star spouse and family. 


How You Can Help

Want to make sure that Gold Star families receive healthy meals in their time of need? Click below to donate. No donation is too small to make a difference in the lives of our Gold Star families. 



Name of Gold Star Spouse *
Name of Gold Star Spouse
Please include first name, last name, rank, and branch of service
Name of Applicant on Behalf of Above Gold Star Spouse *
Name of Applicant on Behalf of Above Gold Star Spouse
Please include unit and base* *The Gold star meals program is currently only open for families assigned to Ft. Bragg and its associated units.
Please send letter confirming applicant and Gold Star Spouse's association with the deceased service member to
Please list each name / age restrictions on separate lines
Please name restrictions below. Sorry, but at this time, we are not able to accommodate a vegan diet.
Address of Gold Star Family *
Address of Gold Star Family
By checking here, I confirm that I have received permission from the Gold Star Spouse listed above to have meals delivered to them by The Good Kitchen on behalf of InDependent and the Gold Star Meal Program. *
All information provided above is correct to my knowledge. I do not hold InDependent, The Good Kitchen, or the Gold Star Meals program liable for delivering any meals with ingredients not listed in the above fields. *


What are the meals made out of?

For information regarding meals, sourcing, and ingredients, please visit The Good Kitchen's FAQ page

What bases/posts/branches is the Gold Star Meal Program open to?

The GSMP is open to all branches of the service. The program, while in its pilot program, is currently only open to service members and families stationed at Ft. Bragg, Camp Mackall, Pope AAF, Simmons AAF, and its associated bases. 

How many families will receive meals in a calendar year?

At this time, funding allows for providing for five (5) families of 4 in a calendar year. Donations help increase the amount of families we can serve. 

Why do the FRGs need to submit the applications?

In order to ensure that the meals are going to Gold Star Spouses and Families, we require an FRG point of contact and a letter from the FRG's Company Commander confirming the the point of contact and FRG are associated with the Gold Star Service member. This helps avoid abuse of the program. 

What information does the FRG POC need to obtain prior to submitting the application?

  1. Name of Gold Star Spouse and their deceased service member

  2. A letter from their Company Commander
  3. Permission from the Gold Star Spouse to have meals delivered to the address provided