Studies show us while unhealthy behaviors tend to be contagious within social networks, healthy behaviors can also be spread if we create the right environment and structure.


We are so excited to have you on board! You’ve got the desire to help others thrive, and you’re probably wondering “what now?”

First, keep being you. Your fun, fearless, and supportive personality is exactly what will make your community great. Leading an InDependent community may sound like a big deal, like it’s time consuming, like it’s “a lot to do”, but that’s what we’re here for — to show you how easy this is going to be (and more importantly FUN).

You’re about to become part of a special group of military spouses who are taking charge of their personal health and wellness through social interaction and peer motivation.

Members of the InDependent | Colorado Springs Community

Members of the InDependent | Colorado Springs Community

What is a community ambassador? The ultimate goal of a community ambassador is to connect and engage small groups of like-minded spouses in a central platform. To do this you will be provided with a Facebook group for your community. This group will be a forum where you can post local events and activities, fitness and nutrition materials, and encourage conversations and interactions between your groups members. You will also be the facilitator of the InDependent Educational Material - provided before each month. Members of the group can then spark conversations, share ideas, chat in real-time, and/or send each other private messages.

Community ambassadors also have the power to encourage members to form their own local fitness and health groups. Members can train for local races, work out together, learn to cook, and host book clubs. The possibilities for group activities are endless. Team activities are a great way to meet new people, explore the area, combat isolation/loneliness, and develop support groups.

As your community’s ambassador you will meet new people and connect them to others. Then you will be able to watch the relationships that blossom from these connections. You are the key in helping military spouses from becoming isolated. And that is what makes you amazing!

Oh and did we mention that the InDependent team is here to help? We want to help your community succeed in any way we can by providing support, answering questions, developing contacts, and giving you access to resources. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Our goal for communities

At InDependent we believe the power of a group is key to creating individual change. We created a space to empower military spouses to thrive physically and emotionally. Making connections at a military installation can be difficult, especially if you are new.

Each month the InDependent community will be introduced to a wellness theme that is important to military spouses. A subject matter expert will be presenting and leading the discussion throughout the month. It’s you who will enable and encourage the discussion around the month’s theme. Rather than have to come up with your own ideas and activities, the end of each month will be the official InDependent meeting where you will be able to discuss the topic and what you’ve learned that month.

So here’s what you need to know.

  • Initiate Connections | You have a passion for health and wellness. There are others out there like you. Share your knowledge with those who want to learn more and with those just getting started. Connections really are everywhere. You can meet other spouses who share you interest at spouses event, through fitness classes you take, FRGs, even on the next treadmill at the gym. And don’t discredit your preexisting network! As we know, the military lifestyle is transient. Don’t be surprised to hear that friends of friends are moving to your area and want to get involved too.
  • Encouragement | Taking the first step to a health and wellness lifestyle is a lot easier when you have a support system to hold you accountable and cheer you along the way. Make your community the warm, welcoming place that makes people want to improve and live a life they love. Keep an eye out for negativity (ain’t nobody got time for that) or a group member who seems to be struggling. Don’t be afraid to reach out and check in.
  • Engage One Another | What is the use of having a support system if it isn’t used? Finding strength in each other is a crucial role as ambassadors. Help others make the connections they need by interacting with each other: virtually and in-person. At your end of the month meeting, you’ll be able to encourage learning at a face-to-face level. In your Facebook group be sure to ask questions, respond to comments, and encourage others to do the same.
  • Sharing Information | You are a wealth of information, believe it or not, and we want you to share your knowledge with others. We know you are not an expert and we don’t want you to be, we just want you to be able to share your wonderful ideas with others and be able to facilitate discussions.
  • Make it Your Own | The communities are built for you, a military spouse, so operate it like you would with your current group of friends. Meet up, talk, or hang out with others in your community. We don’t want you to be glued to your computer. We want you to use the communities as a conduit for meeting other military spouses with similar goals and aspirations.

Steps to success

We told you in the beginning that this would be easy. And we weren’t lying. You’ll have everything you need to make sure you succeed as an ambassador.

  • Promote your monthly Facebook group meet-up | Your InDependent community meeting will be a casual meet-up held the last week of each month. Its helpful if you can send out an invite on Facebook the first week of the month. The location where you host this can be anywhere- coffee houses, yours or another member’s house, a local restaurant, etc. The options are endless! We will still be hosting a virtual meet-up in our InDependent | Virtual group, but nothing can replace face to face meetings. Add an event to your Facebook group with the date, time, location, and call to action for RSVPing. Here’s the universal language to add to the bottom of your event post: “Please RSVP with your name and email.” We will send you images for your event to use to promote it. Please only use the images provided by InDependent to advertise your event.
  • Send out a reminder | Send a reminder to everyone who has RSVPd the day before the event. Remind them of the details and encourage them to bring friends if there is space. CC us in your email because we want to know about your fun ideas so we can plan similar functions in other InDependent communities.
  • Show it off | Now’s not the time to be shy. Tweet, Instagram, and Facebook the heck out of your experience. We want to see the faces and energy of the amazing community you have built. Use @InDependentorg and #ID[your community's name] when you post. Then go put those pics on your Facebook group. Nothing like a little excitement to get others banging down down the door to participate in next month’s event!