Yoga for Overindulgence

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Even if you have good intentions about eating healthy during the holidays, chances are you will overdo it at some point this season.  If you eat mindfully the rest of the year, you might even notice the bloating/upset stomach effects of overindulgence sooner.

To help you during the holidays try this half-hour yoga practice. It includes twists that will help ease your discomfort by reducing bloating and releasing toxins and metabolic by-products. The video is also beneficial after long car rides or plane rides that many military families will be taking this season.

Video Editor: Leslie Brians

You might need a yoga block for this practice.

Always consult your medical professional before beginning a new fitness program.  Do not practice twists if you are pregnant.  If you have back issues, consult your medical professional and with their permission practice twists under the supervision of an informed yoga instructor.

How does yoga help you feel better?