InDependent: Who We Are. Where We're Going.


InDependent: Who we are. Where we are going.Welcome to InDependent. We are so glad you are here. Our team of five military spouses designed this space specifically for you -- a place where like-minded individuals can interact socially and provide peer motivation in a virtual setting.

Our campaign launched in October 2013 to see if there truly was a need for a health and wellness community for military spouses. With over 15,000 page views and 600 social media followers, we found our answer. Thank you for your incredible support thus far!  

With the start of the New Year, we have some lofty goals. Hopefully you will join us in our mission to thrive physically and mentally. Start by downloading the InDependent 2014 Manifesto for inspiration.

Moving forward, we want to make sure our community members have a clear understanding of who we are, why we exist, and where we are headed.  

Where it all began

InDependent started as a far-fetched dream -- a what if -- among five spouses who believed we could make a positive impact within our military community.

With over 40 years combined military spouse experience, we understand firsthand the burden of frequent relocations, mission-related stress, deployments/long-term field rotations, and isolation/loneliness. While we spouses are proud to support our service members, our own goals and aspirations are often sacrificed, with fitness and well-being neglected as a result. This makes us that much more susceptible to obesity and its related illnesses – cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, and type two diabetes.

For the longest time these issues seemed bigger than us, and were deemed someone else’s problem to solve. We realized that if we wanted to see real change, we had to take matters into our own hands.

Where we are now.

Using our professional backgrounds and innovative technology, our team of volunteers set out to develop a social, supportive, and informative community where military spouses could connect and inspire each other to make health and fitness a lifestyle priority. All of our programs are free to use and are designed specifically with your needs in mind.

wellness blogWellness Blog

A community blog that uses social modeling to inspire healthy eating, physical activity, and mindful living. Using this platform, community members are encouraged to share helpful tips, offer advice, show support, discuss new ideas, and highlight success stories. Together, we can discuss and shape the way health and fitness is perceived within the military spouse community. We encourage all spouses to contribute to the blog. If you’d like to share your story, contact us today!


In partnership with Mightybell, we have created a digital wellness community subdivided into small groups based on geographic location. Mightybell powers a unique way for spouses -- who are stationed at or around the same military instillation -- to meet virtually before meeting in-person. Communities can be searched by location and then narrowed down by shared interests. By joining a regional community, spouses can connect, message, share posts, and participate in conversations in their own area while staying within the larger InDependent platform. This service is free to join and you don’t need Facebook to interact. So far we have three active communities. Our long-term goal is to offer this service to spouses from all branches of the Armed Forces stationed in multiple U.S. states and foreign countries. Contact us if you are interested in starting one in your area.

Where we are going

Starting this month, we will officially be able to operate as a fiscally-sponsored nonprofit organization in partnership with Public Health Foundation Enterprises. Through grants and corporate sponsorships we hope to offer our community members a free social fitness program. This will take time to develop, but hopefully it’s in our near future.

At InDependent we believe that with the right structure and environment, healthy behavior can be contagious. The platform we’ve created is designed for military spouses by military spouses in the hope of supporting individual change. So if you’ve caught the wellness bug – like we have – hop on board and join the movement toward creating a life you love.

“We’re social creatures who get a psychological boost from bonding with people going through a similar experience. Make an effort to help others hit their goals – which can be as simple as throwing them an encouraging word or as involved as taking a newbie under your wing – and you’ll become more dedicated to your own health and well-being too.” -- Women’s Health, June 2013