Beyond Black - Tea Ideas for Any Time of Day


Beyond Black - Tea Ideas for Any Time of DayYou walk into your commissary or your local grocery store. You make your way to the tea aisle and the wall of tea options are staring you in the face. Your heart starts racing and you freak out from the overwhelming number of tea options that are out there. You think you might try something new, but end up grabbing a box of tried and true.

Has this ever happened to you? It has happened to me. As a Southern girl the only tea I knew of until I was in my mid-twenties was sweet iced tea. Turns out there are so many options out there to enjoy that are also good for me.

Drinking tea has many health benefits including reducing your risk of heart attack and stroke, boosting your metabolism, keeping you hydrated, and bolstering your immunity.

Since there are so many tea options out there, we asked you on Facebook what teas you enjoy drinking and whether you enjoyed your tea hot or iced?

We loved reading your responses and are looking forward to trying your recommendations!

Twinings (Winter Spice or Chai Apple sSpice), and Yogi (Bedtime) are what I usually go for. During the summer I make my own passion tea lemonade. I buy the Tazo Passion tea and mix with Simply Lemonade with a little agave. Pour over ice and enjoy! Very refreshing! — Valerie Marasco

Yogi Bedtime, every night! Although, I just tried Celestial Seasoning Extra Sleepy Time and I think I may like it more. I swear by Celestial Seasonings Peppermint when my stomach feels off. Twinings Earl Grey in the mornings. — Eliza Fletcher

I'm such a tea junkie - especially with green tea! Matcha green tea in the afternoon mixed with another green tea variety keeps things interesting. Eliza, I also love Yogi Bedtime tea before hitting the sack every night - Calms my overactive mind. And the best part about Yogi Tea and my other fave, Traditional Medicinals, is they don't contain questionable ingredients. What you think should be in a herbal tea is what you get! — Leslie Brians

I reach for mint tea after a meal. Helps curve my chocolate cravings. — Michele Bradfield

For a warm pick-me-up in the morning or early afternoon, I enjoy mixing black tea with something flavored. Right now my favorite blend is Irish Breakfast with Pumpkin Spice Rooibos, both from Trader Joe’s. When it’s warm outside, I blend my iced tea and keep a pitcher in the fridge. — Kimberly Bacso

This kills me. I grew up in Scotland - you had a choice of Earl Grey (fancy tea), or Builders’ tea (normal tea bags). This weirds me out. — Pamela Thibodeau

What are your favorite tea choices? Leave your recommendations in the comments below.