Home Organization Checklist: Kitchen & Pantry


Home Organization Checklist:  Kitchen & PantryThe kitchen is the heart of the home.  We go there for pleasure and out of necessity.  People tend to congregate there during gatherings even when there is comfortable seating in the living room.  Optimize the time you spend in the kitchen by getting organized.  Just know that while there are lots of great tips on the checklist below, the only true cure for getting organized is owning less stuff. 

Imagine easily finding the ingredients you need for a recipe and closing every door and drawer without having to rearrange things.  Imagine having enough space on your countertops to prep your meals.  Imagine feeling at peace.  Now go through the checklist and prepare to really enjoy making healthy meals in your kitchen for your friends and family.

This is just the beginning of an organization series.  Check back each month for a new room.  Show off your before and after photos at #IDorganization.

Organization Checklist:  Kitchen & Pantry