Home Organization Checklist: Master Bedroom

Home Organization Checklist: Master Bedroom

Home Organization Checklist: Master Bedroom

As the most private room in the house, the master bedroom can go one of two ways. It can be an intimate, relaxing retreat or it can be the dumping ground, where you quickly stash the things you don’t want guests to see.

This is a milspouse-friendly checklist you can use to get your bedroom organized so you can create a retreat that welcomes you after the chaos of your day.

org master list

org master list

Create Space

  • Make the bed. The bed is the biggest focal point in your room. If you make it look nice, you’ll feel less overwhelmed with the rest of the organization project.

  • Throw out trash. This may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how quickly things can pile up…shopping bags, receipts, kids’ projects, outdated hair accessories, old magazines, etc.

  • Put everything away. Put away clothes and accessories. Move books that you’ve already read to bookshelves or set aside to sell or give away. Relocate anything that made its way to your room that doesn’t belong there.

  • Go through your drawers. When I have generous closet space, I love to hang everything up so I can see what I have. It has been three houses and five years since I’ve been able to do that. So, I now keep tanks, tees, jeans, and workout clothes in drawers. I have to edit periodically to make sure my drawers close easily.

Make sure everything:

  • is a style and cut you would choose to buy today.

    1. fits beautifully.

    2. coordinates with other things in your wardrobe.

    3. is in good repair.

Store items that:

  • you love and are timeless but don’t make you feel amazing right now because they are too big or too small.

    1. you will never need at your current duty station.

    2. are out of season, if you have adequate storage space. You might keep duffel bags of snow/beach gear in the garage or on a high shelf so you can grab everything at once when needed.

Sell/Give away items that:

  • are too far out of fashion to salvage. I had a cashmere sweater that is just too short for current trends (and good taste) so I gave it to my daughter who is still smaller than me.

    1. are stained, torn, or faded.

    2. don’t evoke happy feelings. Maybe you have unpleasant memories associated with a particular outfit.

    3. aren’t flattering. Not sure? Take a selfie. Photos don’t lie but the mirror sometimes does. Or, bribe a brutally honest friend to watch you try everything on.

Group Things Together

  • Designate a space for valuables. Keep things that you use often, like watches and jewelry handy, but move other things like heirloom pieces and extra currency to a safe deposit box or safe. This is of course good for safekeeping, but having everything together when it’s time to PCS comes in handy too, so you don’t accidentally leave that cash you stashed in your sunglasses case for the movers to find.

  • Create a system for your jewelry. You want to be able to see what you have. I hang my bracelets and necklaces from hooks so I can both grab and put away things quickly. I store rings and earrings in jewelry trays so everything easy to access, and it also packs up compactly to hand carry with me when I move.

Create Uniformity

  • Simplify your décor. Have you ever walked into a nice hotel room and immediately though how peaceful it is? They have just a few really nice decorations in a unified color scheme. Be selective in the things you have out. Have lots of clear surfaces. The bedroom is a great space for really personal items like family photos or some of your children’s nicer art pieces. I have a painted clay bowl that my daughter made at school in Germany that is pretty and functional. We have a colorful bedspread, but it’s tempered with white curtains, dresser, chest of drawers, and pops of turquoise accessories. You know you have it right when you walk in and feel at peace.

Look Forward

  • Make a shopping list. Sometimes it’s easier to let go of things when you make a plan to replace them. Start a list of things you need to replace and refer back to it when you go shopping or find a sale online.

  • Start a wish list. I don’t know about you, but I always draw a blank when somebody asks me what I want for a particular occasion. If your bedroom needs some updates or additions, Pinterest boards or an Amazon wish list works really well for collecting ideas.