Exercise On-the-Go: Road Gym + Two Workouts


Exercise On-the-Go:  Road Gym + Two WorkoutsWe have had the tremendous fortune to be stationed in Germany, or what I fondly refer to as my three-year European vacation.  At a moment’s notice, we have been known to throw our three children in our faithful Land Rover and blow down the autobahn in search of adventure.  Early on, I realized I would have to travel with my own gym if I wanted to maintain any form of a workout regime since we normally rent an apartment with no access to a gym facility. Whether you’re vacationing, PCSing, or traveling for work, working out on the road will help you meet your fitness goals.

The Road Gym Gear

In a large resealable plastic bag, I pack the following items.  The packed bag only weighs four pounds.  The items in this bag are never used when I am home, always remaining packed and ready to hit the road.

The Workouts

My workouts change depending on the location, time of year, and if I am preparing for an event.   In my ideal world, I run while my husband watches the children, I tag him on my return, and off he goes on a run. If you are not a fan of running, get out for a walk, increase your walking speed for a block and return to a normal pace.  There is no better way to explore an area then running or walking through trails, villages, or cities. 

While my husband is out running, I utilize my road gym, starting with the TheraBand that can be anchored over a door or a tree.  Once secured, I am free to do numerous exercises that you would normally find in a gym including pec deck, triceps extensions, and rows. If you need ideas, check out the Resistance Band Tubing Instruction Manual and the TheraBand Academy. If these types of exercises are new to you, it’s helpful to print out samples to take on the road.

lateral extension


After completing my Thera-Band exercises, I grab my jump rope for three to four minutes of single jumps, alternating double unders every 40 seconds.  From my warm-up, I transition to Tabata style exercises.  This is my favorite part of my road workouts since my children always find a way to jump in and participate.

Tabata is four minutes of work broken into 20-second segments of high intensity work and 10 seconds of recovery. If four minutes of work is above your ability, start at one minute. On the road, I normally use some form of body weight exercises.  The best part about Tabata is that you are competing against yourself and have the opportunity to improve each segment. I use a Gym Boss Timer, but there is a fantastic app called Tabata Timer, which serves the same purpose. 

bench dips

bench jumps

bench pushups modified



At the ripe old age of 40, I have finally conceded that a proper cool down/stretch makes the next morning so much more enjoyable!

On the road, use your imagination, flexibility, and adaptability. Including your children in parts of your workout makes for a more gratifying experience.

Sample On-The-Go Workout

*Before starting any workout program make sure to consult your doctor. If you want a MOM FIT road gym workout, email me and I will customize one to fit your fitness level.  Make sure to let me know that you are a fan of InDependent and I will waive the fee.