Morning Glory Muffins for Sharing


Morning Glory Muffins

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Morning Glory Muffins for Sharing

Morning Glory Muffins for Sharing

This is my go-to recipe when I need to welcome a new military family to the neighborhood or provide a pick-me-up to a new mom.  It’s healthy with carrots, raisins, apples, and some whole-wheat flour, but it still has some sugar and some white flour so it’s not TOO alternative for mainstream taste buds.  I usually leave the nuts off of the top unless I know that there are no allergy issues.

When we got back from winter break, we found that a new family had PCSd in across the hall while we were gone.  It is bitter cold outside…so cold that school has been canceled for two days.  So, since the weather isn’t hospitable at all, my daughter and I made these muffins to provide a warm welcome to the new neighbors. 

To make an attractive package, I lined a plain white gift bag with parchment paper and carefully placed the cooled muffins inside.  I stamped a snowman on a square of white paper and tied it onto the bag with some twine that matched my pastel muffin wrappers.  I wrote a note and included our names, remembering that it’s always helpful to me to have names of new acquaintances written down.

We all hope for friendly neighbors, so I’m glad we got to be the smiling faces across the hall today.

How do you welcome new neighbors?  Do you have a go-to recipe that you’d like to share?