What’s in your Gym Bag: Michele


What's in your gym bag: MicheleYes —I’m that girl. The one you saw this morning franticly blow drying her sports bra under the hand dryer in the locker room. Why you may ask? Well, quite frankly, I forgot to pack a few gym bag essentials —ahem. 

Sadly, this type of scenario has happened to me more than I’d care to admit. Which inevitably results in an uncomfortable day at work. So rather than giving up my early morning workouts, I developed a flawless packing list. This organized system enables me to get ready in the locker room while still looking professional at work.

Here are my gym bag essentials for an early morning workout routine:

Michele's Gym Bag Essentials

  1. Gym Bag
    This REI bag is very versatile. The two best features include : 1) a front flap good for holding a yoga mat or shower towel, and 2) a side rubber pouch that tucks into the bag for storing wet, sweaty, or dirty workout gear.
  2. Hybrid Travel Bottle
    This aluminum bottle doubles as a coffee mug and water bottle. By simply switching the lid you can enjoy hot coffee leaving the house and cold water at the gym.
  3. Pack-It Cubes
    A glorious invention for any type of travel. They come in all sizes to help organize the content in your bag. Perfect for storing the small items that tend to get lost like undergarments, belts, and socks. Tip: Pack an emergency pair of each in case you forget one day.
  4. Rubber Shower Shoes
    These are a must for sanitation purposes. Hit up a discount store for a cheap pair of rubber flip-flops that are lightweight and easy to pack.
  5. Work Clothes & Shoes
    Save your heels and dresses for the days you don’t get ready at the gym. Instead opt for classic comfort. A pair of neutral flats can go with any outfit and can be packed into a tight space. Don’t forget your matching jewelry. 
  6. Travel Bottles
    Reusable bottles can be found at any discount store. Perfect way to fill your personal beauty arsenal with shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, mouthwash, shower gel, etc … Next time you’re at the mall, snatch a sample size bottle of your signature sent. Leave your nice perfume at home.
  7. Make-up Bag
    Forgetting essential products is easy when you’re constantly switching from gym to home. Over time, slowly build your collection so you can designate a make-up kit that becomes a permanent addition to your gym bag.
  8. Shower Towel
    Opt to bring an old towel that you’re okay with getting dirty or dropped on the floor. It’s an easy item to forget, so make sure it’s one you don’t mind losing.
  9. First Aid Kit & Manicure Set
    Sh!t happens: an unruly eyebrow hair that needs to be plucked, ripped nail, razor cut. Travel size grooming kits make for a quick and easy fix.
  10. Hygiene Kit
    These are the essentials that make a big difference when you need them most: Toothbrush and toothpaste, shower cap, hand towel, razor, face wipes, shower soap, lotion, deodorant, lip balm, tissues, lint roller, cotton balls, cotton swabs, hairbands, and bobby pins.
  11. Hair Styling Tools
    No one wants to show up to work looking like a wet rat. Don’t forget to pack a blow dryer, straightener/curling iron, brush, and comb.

NOTE: The last few days we were stationed in Germany my husband and I shared a car. I found myself getting ready at the base gym a lot. I can tell you with 100% certainty that this pre-packed bag would have made life a whole heck of a lot easier during those trying times. When you’re ready to ship out, you’ll find that this bag is portable enough to be tucked in a car or toted on a plane.  

What essentials do you pack in your bag to make sure you’re ready to start the day on the right foot?