A pup's perfect day: Ft. Benning, GA


A pup's perfect day: LinxAn average day in the life of a pup is exciting. Although I’m only six months old, I’ve come to love my home in Columbus, Georgia which is where we are temporarily stationed. My earliest travel memory is the four hour car trip from South Carolina to home after being adopted. I was a bit nervous curled up in my new mom’s lap, but we bonded quickly. Now you can’t keep me out of the car. Every time I see the red hood pop open, I know we are off to a new adventure!

Being that I’m an only child, I’m a bit spoiled. As a labradoodle pup, I get a lot of attention. People can’t help but pet my adorable face. This has helped mom meet people. They usually have puppies too so now I have lots of new friends!

My perfect day involves a lot of long walks and an occasional nap here and there. When I’m not hangin’ at the dog park with my pals, you can find me out back chasing sticks, squirrels or anything that moves. My favorite time of day is when dad gives me a long belly rub or when mom lets me snuggle with her before bed. I love to see mom smile.

Our family is new to Georgia. Good thing I have lots of energy. This encourages us to get out of the house and explore the area. Our weekends are usually booked with dog playdates or a fun family activity. Here are the things I love to do in and around Columbus.

Off to meet my pup pals

Off to meet my pup pals

Best Place to Hook Up with Friends:

1. Join me for a playdate at the Fort Benning Dog Park
2. Cooper Creek Park is the best place to host a group BBQ
3. I love making friends with the locals on Saturday at Market Days
4. Join our community walk/run group designed specifically for Military Spouses stationed at Fort Benning

Local places to explore

Flat Rock Park

Local Places You Should Definitely Explore:

1. Flat Rock Park has lots of fun trails to explore and is a great place to swim
2. Mom and I exercise together on the trails at Lakebottom & Weracoba Park
3. The Chattahoochee River Walk is beautiful and is a fun place to stop and watch the kayaks float in the river during the summer

New Chew Toy

New Chew Toy

Favorite Place to Get a Doggie Treat:

1. Dramatic Paws has the best pupcakes in town. They also groom my long curly locks.
2. Mom spoils me with a fresh treat from the bulk bins at Petco
3. I find all the best toys at Pet Smart

Callaway Gardens

Callaway Gardens

Dog Friendly Travel Adventures:

1. When we are looking to get out of town, my family takes me to one of the many dog friendly state parks
2. Callaway Gardens is the perfect day trip where I can walk on the trails next to mom and dad if they keep me on my leash