Keeping Cool with Stand-Up Paddle Boarding


Wouldn't it be cool if, with everything we have going on day in and day out, we could lose complete track of time, just for a little while?

Welcome to stand-up paddle boarding (SUP).

I remember the first time I got on a paddle board. I truly lost track of the time. This doesn't happen to me often with two kids and a thousand ideas swirling around in my brain all the time. I told my husband I would go out on the paddle board just for 20 minutes. I left with no phone because…water, and when I came back my husband asked me what took so long. It had been close to two hours! 

Paddle boarding was something I picked up for a couple of reasons. One, we are lucky enough to live on the water here in Germany. I truly wanted a way to enjoy it. Two, I've always wanted to learn to surf and have a dream of living on a beach one day. Paddle boarding kind of reminds me of surfing. When I saw my neighbor-now-friend paddle boarding I thought to myself, "Oh yeah...that's going to be me." That year we bought one for my birthday, and it's been a love-love relationship ever since. 

So if that didn't convince you, here is why you should try paddle boarding, like, yesterday:

Your body will thank you. Paddle boarding is not an intense activity. However, you will definitely feel this in your core, especially if you are attempting to paddle faster, or against the wind. It is also amazing for increasing total body stability and balance. If you dare, yoga on the paddle board can be an insanely invigorating and challenging way to take the physical benefits of paddle boarding to the next level (and look like a badass in the process). 

Your mind will clear. There is just something about being out in the middle of a body of water, with the sound small waves gently lapping against your board, that completely relaxes you. Also, focusing on your balance and your posture involves a level of mental focus that helps clear out the buzz that so often plagues us busy parents and professionals. And to say it again, if you dare attempt yoga on the paddle board (which you really should at some point), all that mental-focus and relaxation stuff I mentioned is even more valid. 

It's easy. As long as you can access a body of water relatively easily, whether close to where you live or on vacation, you can almost certainly find a place that rents paddle boards. And you don't have to jump right to standing. I started by sitting cross-legged. Then, I moved to my knees. When I got more comfortable, I moved to my feet. It is low intensity, unlike surfing, so almost anyone can do it. 

It's fun. This doesn't need much explanation. If you are looking for ways to enjoy the water and summertime, look no further. Depending on the size and thickness of the board, you can even pile on the kids, who will surely get a kick out of it. My two and four- year-olds love going out with me and searching for turtles. 

So are you ready to get started? Good! Like I said, you can easily find rental places. If you find you want to own one, they even make inflatable boards that, when blown up, are so heavy-duty and legit no one will guess it's inflatable. These are great because they are easy for travel. Forget your phone at home, grab your sunglasses, get ready for some core and balance work, and go get lost in nature.

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Meet Jaime

Jaime Barroso is an online fitness and nutrition coach living in Wiesbaden, Germany. Holding certifications from ISSA and PN1, she helps clients bridge the gap between getting fit and remaining mentally and emotionally healthy. She enjoys her family, the sun, mac and cheese (creamy, not baked), the outdoors, traveling, and lifting heavy things…but definitely not running.