Three Proven Steps to Jumpstart Weight Loss


3 proven ways to jumpstart weight lossFully exposed in front of the mirror, I distinctly remember thinking, "I give up. I will forever be the girl cursed with thick thighs and cellulite."

One year later, 20 pounds lighter -- I was wrong.

Exercise and nutrition were always part of my daily routine. So why -- for the life of me -- could I not achieve the results wanted and needed? Both medical professionals and fitness instructors had recommended losing 10 pounds. Five years later and a valiant effort, I had reached stagnation. Why?

Looking back, the answer was simple. For years, health and fitness were merely a means to an end -- weight loss. Results did not ensue until I consciously altered my perspective. Inevitably, this led to a lifestyle change. It took time, effort, and dedication. Yet, the results were worth every single minute.

These three concepts changed my life. If you commit, they can change yours too.

1) Find Your Inspiration

Only you can accept the excuses you make for yourself. Direct personal quote: "I workout so I can eat." What does that even mean? No wonder I couldn't lose weight.

One day, this simple piece of inspiration motivated me beyond belief...
"You know that body you've been dreaming about? Dream about it one last time, and in the morning, make it happen." -

Immediately, I cut this out and taped it to my bathroom mirror. Still, I read this quote daily and visualize what I want to look like. I now have a motto that empowers me rather than one that excuses bad decisions.

2) Act Like a Pro

Educate Yourself -- Admittedly, I was a blind consumer who fell victim to food industry antics. When the box said 'Low Fat' or 'Healthy Snack', I believed it. On a self-proclaimed mission -- through blogs, video, books, and documentaries -- I learned the benefits of real food. To this day, I continue to grow and expand my knowledge. There are a ton of resources available. If you're a newbie, start with the Eat Clean Diet or log-on to

Look the Part -- Move over buddy, those are my 15-pound dumbbells. Play the part when you walk into the gym. Go buy a variety of cute workout clothes to get you started. Target and Old Navy have great low-price options. With the right mindset, you will be amazed at the goals you can achieve.

Practice -- A year ago, I couldn't do a single pull-up. Now I can do four consecutively and twelve total. Take a look around at the people in your life who are successful. You will find a common theme. The people who excel are the same people who dedicate time to improve.

3) Get Organized

Set aside one day to prep for the week. Map out a five-day meal plan and fitness routine.

Meal Plan -- Pre-planned lunches and snacks help you make better choices throughout the day. Dinner is a breeze because there is no last-minute plan or ingredient to pick up at the store.

Fitness -- View your workout as a part of your day. It's a meeting you cannot miss. Pre-made coffee and workout clothes laid by the bed make it easy to get up and go when the 5 a.m. alarm sounds.

An organized routine takes the guesswork out. A little advanced preparation will help you enjoy the rest of your week while you continue to fulfill your health and fitness goals.

If you look closely, you will not find fitness expert or a nutritionist in my bio. I'm simply a normal gal, on a mission to live healthfully. Girl with thick thighs was not a comfortable title. Beautiful, defined arms sounds a lot better. I made a mindful choice to change. So can you.

What are you doing to reach your health and fitness goals?

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